“Life is a Party. Dress like it.” – Lilly Pulitzer

Today I decided to follow the wise words of one of my icons and favorite designers, the fabulous Lilly Pulitzer, and dress up even though I had no plans and no where to go.  I’ve come to learn, over the past year, that it is the little things in life that can make an ordinary day an extraordinary day.  By taking the time to plan out an outfit, and put effort into my appearance, I honestly made my day better.  I felt confident and like I had accomplished something.  Here’s a picture of what I put together for this rainy/gloomy day:


Madewell Sweatshirt Dress

Hunter Boots

Michael Kors Tortoise Shell Watch

This might be one of my new favorite outfits!

So it’s pretty much a fact that every girl loves dress up so why shouldn’t we try and look our best everyday? In reality this is without a doubt easier said then done. Everyone has those days when you think nothing looks good and you end up trying on pretty much all of the outfits in your wardrobe…I am definitely guilty of this.  However, I am coming to terms with the fact that I am my toughest critic and when I am being so harsh on my appearance it is usually because I am too focused on one minor part of my outfit/body that I don’t like. I am trying now to see myself as a whole and focus on my entire appearance, not just on one tiny thing only I notice.  It’s a challenge, but the more I practice this the easier it gets. So today once I finished getting dressed I allotted myself only a few minutes in front of the mirror and then told myself:


Hopefully this feeling holds for the entire day 🙂

One thought on ““Life is a Party. Dress like it.” – Lilly Pulitzer

  1. So much fashion!!! Love the glasses! And the watch is a nice touch, looks much better with this outfit than the one I wore when I “borrowed” it… Heehee.

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