You Can’t Judge A Book By It’s Cover.


Eating disorders are diseases that do not discriminate. They come in all colors, shapes, sizes, sexes, etc. and vary across a large, and complex, spectrum. This is what makes them so hard to diagnosis and also reinforces so many of the stigmas that are associated with EDs. Brittany Miles, the creator of the amazing blog Redefine Beauty, who I featured on my Facebook page the other day, emphasizes this fact in an article for Shape Magazine entitled The Epidemic of Hidden Eating Disorders. The piece in Shape focuses on how weight is not the only, or even most important, determiner of an eating disorder. In fact the hyper attention that is put solely on an individual’s weight when diagnosing an ED can actually impede many who are very sick from getting the help they need. Shape further stresses this by interviewing professionals, one in particular from NEDA, who states: “Weight can be an indicator of an eating disorder, but it certainly isn’t the only one or even the best one,” says Lynn Grefe, president and CEO of the National Eating Disorder Association (NEDA), adding that using weight as the only criteria for an eating disorder is incredibly damaging and demeaning to sufferers.”

By focusing purely on weight doctors, and other individuals who are not up to date with eating disorder research, are minimizing the psychological struggles that often cause eating disorders to develop in the first place. Disordered eating has much less to do with a low weight and much more to do with an unhealthy relationship with food, and especially your own body. The sufferer is usually overcome with pain and the eating disorder is the outlet for that hurt.


Personally, even when I was at my smallest I never dipped down to “a dangerous weight” according to BMI scales and other sources. However, even though my actual weight didn’t set off any red flags I was really sick and extremely malnourished. I now recognize that the weight I got down to was not healthy for my body type and I was practically killing myself to “maintain it.” Finally recognizing that weight was not the most important, or only, factor in reaffirming the fact that I had an eating disorder was a crucial part in my recovery. I hope that these resources can help any one else out there who is struggling to see that just because you are not emaciated and a size 00 pant you can still have a VERY serious eating disorder. I encourage anyone who thinks that they might be suffering from an eating disorder to check out the NEDA website and take their online screening. It’s free and it can only help. It’s time for you to finally:




Happy Monday :)

Mondays, especially during the summer, are rough for many of us because the weekend (aka freedom from our work/school responsibilities) seems so far off. In an attempt to combat the Monday blues I thought I’d share with all of you some images that make me smile, laugh and forget that there are 5 work days before the weekend. Hopefully they will also help you chug along throughout your week! I mean who doesn’t love some pick me ups to start the week fresh 😉

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Why Be Stuck in the Past When You Can Live in the Present?


Throughout this year I’ve discovered that it’s vital not to harp on why things ended. Instead, I must focus all of my energy on living in the present and becoming a better and stronger versions of myself. Yes, the past is part of who I am today, but I am choosing to use it as a place of reference from which I’ve learned from my mistakes, as well as successes. It’s time for me, therefore, and I encourage you all as well, to take these prior experiences and implement them positively into your present life. I truly believe that everything from this point forward will aid me in my journey of becoming a happier and healthier friend, sister, daughter, etc.

 So, there is no need to stress about why things played out the way in which they did because we can’t go back and change them. We can only learn from our prior experiences as well as our mistakes and make our current life situations the best they can be by taking what we’ve learned from our slip ups, backslides, poor choices, etc and not letting them get the best of us.


Friday the 13th AND a Full Moon…Oh My!


Today is definitely one for the books. Not only is it Friday the 13th, but it is also a full moon! Every single part of my being is telling me that I should just stay home and let the day pass, but I know that is not an option. I mean I can’t just stop living my life because of some crazy cosmic forces…right?

For as long as I can remember I have always associated a full moon with a bout of “the crazies” thus it makes sense that I’d be a little uneasy when it coincides with Friday the 13th, which is a notoriously unlucky day. So, the true nerd within me decided to do a little research and actually found that, according to AstroStyle, my personal source for horoscopes, that there are “9 Ways to Soar at the Sagittarius Full Moon.” Who’d a thunk? Check out the link for yourselves and you will see that today’s Sagittarius full moon actually seems like it’s going to be pretty awesome day. According to “When the Moon goes Full in the sign of roam-if-you-want-to Sagittarius on June 12, the desire to expand our horizons becomes an all-consuming obsession. Sagittarius encourages us to aim higher and to pursue only the best and the brightest. There is a contagious optimism to the mutable and fiery energy of Sagittarius.” Therefore we should:

20340030d2633a57b9b5f5b69273e7b1After coming across this I’ve decided to try and fully embrace today and push my anxieties about full moons and Friday the 13th to the side. Hopefully the stars are aligned for me and I take full advantage of this unique forecast 🙂 Happy Friday the 13th everyone!


Hey Dad, This One’s For You <3


In honor of Father’s Day this upcoming Sunday I thought I’d share some of the most treasured pictures I have with my own dad. Just a little background, but you all should know that my dad rocks and has been an amazing support for me. Even though he may never fully understand what I am/was going through that doesn’t matter because he never stopped loving me even when I wasn’t very lovable. So, cheers to you this weekend dad! Love you to the moon, forever and always.












I also want to remind everyone that:


Some Much Needed Words of Wisdom


Last evening I was checking out Pinterest, which I admit I do an embarrassing number of times in a day, and I fatefully stumbled upon this great quote: “Kind Heart. Fierce Mind. Brave Spirit.” This simple phrase was exactly what I needed to help lift me up from the depressing mood that has consumed me over the last few days. I’ve honestly just been feeling kind of blehh, for lack of a better word, and not in sync with myself. As I mentioned previously adjusting to change is a huge struggle of mine and this particular go at it has not been easy. However, even though I’ve been in this kind of dark mood for a few days I know it is only temporary and I just have to refocus and remember that I have a kind heart, a fierce mind, and a brave spirit so I can do anything that I set my mind to, including getting out of this funk. Better days are on the horizon, I am sure, and I am looking forward to the summer and all the smiling I will be doing in the future. So, happy Tuesday everyone and I encourage you all to stay strong and to find your own mantra that will help you if you are struggling greatly or if you just need a little pick me up 🙂

I’m no good with change…

Hey guys,

I wanted to take a minute to explain my lack of posting over the past few weeks. Yes, I did graduate almost two weeks ago and I couldn’t be more proud of myself, but I am also dealing with some issues surrounding this great change in my life, which have left me overwhelmed and, in all honesty, mentally drained. As those of you who follow my blog know I HATE CHANGE and graduating from college is a huge one so it makes sense that I’ve been a little depressed during my first week home. I’m slowly adjusting to life after Bowdoin, but it’s going to take some time. The best thing I can do for myself now is to set up a routine and incorporate things that I love, and that make me happy, into my daily life.

Also, it is crucial that I don’t allow my ultimate goal of recovery fall to the wayside and therefore I must continue to make it a priority, which has been harder than I anticipated. I still have to fight against falling back into certain unhealthy behaviors. I now recognize that every time I change my environment my meal schedules also are altered so I need to figure out first and foremost how to balance everything around nourishing myself. So I am going to remind myself that balance is key and I know that I WILL find it eventually…Hopefully sooner than later though 😉

In an effort to start on the right foot I thought that I would share a few things that I hope to implement into my daily routine that will help lift my spirits and continue to aid me in my recovery!

1. I LOVE to start my day doing something active whether that be taking a spin class at Burn or walking Brewster, but I also know that for me, personally, exercise has to be done in moderation so it is important that I balance between intense workouts and mindful activities.


Both mentally and physically 😉

2. Coffee, blogging and breakfast time!


3. The early afternoon is always a tough time of day for me so I’ve decided that during this lull in my day I will focus on catching up with friends, running errands, doing housework, or maybe even soaking up some of the summer sun!


4. I’m fortunate to have an afternoon job at an adorable boutique in town called Seaside Allure. So work is always something I can look forward to throughout my day.


5. After work I like to go to dinner or just spend time with my friends and family. Even though there aren’t too many people around these days that’s ok because I can focus my energies on those who I truly care about.


Although this is just a start I think that’s it’s better than nothing and hopefully it will help me readjust to life at home. However, I plan to broaden my daily ventures over time and am looking forward to what is to come. I just have to get over the initial hump of adjusting to change. Wish me luck!

So, What’s Next?


I’m sure many, if not all, of my fellow recent college grads out there have had to face, especially within the last few weeks, the ever-looming inquiry of: so you’ve finished college…what are you going to do with your life next? This question is so broad as well as pressure filled. It’s as if we are expected to have the next 10 years all figured out when we’ve only just completed doing the one thing we know how to…be students. Some of you out there have plans whether that’s graduate school, a career path, or traveling the world whereas others, myself included, are kind of in limbo. Personally, I’m really at odds over what the next big step in my life will be… In all honesty all I truly know is that I want to be happy and healthy, two things I have not been prior to this year. So, my goal for this summer is to simply work on maintaing the health and true happiness I was without for so long and hopefully through that discover what I am passionate about. Who knows maybe I can take this little blog to the next level and really make something out of myself 🙂 I just need to remind myself that the opportunities out there are endless and the only person standing in my way is myself. Through hard work and perseverance I (and you) can conquer anything!