Puppy Love

One of the hardest parts, for me, when it comes to taking this year off from school, in order to focus on my recovery, is this constant feeling of loneliness.  Going from being away at college, where I was surrounded by my peers 24/7 and it was near impossible to find any alone time, to being back at home, is a really hard adjustment.  It is honestly so bizarre to spend the majority of my day either alone, or with people who are significantly older, or younger, than me. In order to combat this feeling of isolation I’ve started spending some more quality time with my two puppies, Tuckerman who is 12 and Brewster who is 4.  I am in no means turning into a crazy dog lady, but I have to admit the unconditional love that they show me on a daily basis truly lifts my spirits. They are such loves, even though they are really freakin needy!  I mean how can you not just want to cuddle with these two munchkins:


This picture was taken four years ago when we first got Brewster


A more recent photo of a rare moment of calmness and love between these two

419697_2118061788190_537248985_n 539731_10200231689251603_1545841734_n

I truly don’t know what I would do without Tuck, he is the most amazing dog ever.


Brewie and I, on the other hand, have more of a love-hate relationship, but we are getting there…He’s honestly too cute not to love 🙂

Finding, as well as appreciating, the companionship that my dogs show me is an excellent coping skill. If I am feeling blue or like life is too hard I can just go looking for my pups and they will remind me:


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