Klara Kelly Brand Clan Maven

Hey all! I’m beyond thrilled to share with you some exciting news. Last week I met with the amazing Melissa Shorewood, CEO and Creative Director of Klara Kelly Designs, a fabulous “Sporty Chic” activewear and accessories company based in Massachusetts, and I’m honored to tell you all that I am the newest Klara Kelly Brand Clan Maven!

1484582_10152514942356453_5448959610737170457_nAs a Maven I am now a proud representative of the Klara Kelly Brand and I’m looking forward to aiding in the growth of this up and coming company. From head scarves, to leggings, to ponchos, and more Klara Kelly is there for women who lead busy and active lives. With Klara Kelly there is no need to compromise fashion for function because our products offer both! I am really looking forward to keeping you all posted on my latest endeavor and PLEASE check out the products here at www.klarakelly.com or contact me for more information!



Why Reshape Yourself, When You Can Reshape The World?

photo 1

 With champagne flowing, luxurious lingerie a plenty, and a plethora of vegan munchies Luxxie Boston, in partnership with Lighter, held it’s first ever “Fit Party” this past Saturday.


*Team Luxxie in action*

Guests were invited to the Luxxie Lab to take in, and most importantly try on, our very first collection. With our garments hot off the press from LA all of our Kickstarter supporters and special guests were finally able to breathe in the true fabulousness of a Luxxie Boston!

photo 1.PNGphoto-24

The line for the dressing room seemed to never end and the excitement of the opportunity to try on every style was palpable. With our leading Luxxie boss lady, Stefanie Mnayarji, on call every guest had the chance to experience a personal fitting with the brains behind this operation and learn why they needed a Luxxie in their closet. By the end of the event we were beyond pleased to see that many of our guests would no longer be “spanxing” themselves, but instead would be draped in silk feeling confident, sexy and comfortable all day long! World domination has officially begun so stay tuned for all that Luxxie Boston has in store because ladies why reshape yourself, when you can reshape the world?




Good Things Happen To Those Who Hustle.



Happy Humpday everyone! Today I encourage you all to hustle harder, whatever that may mean to you 😉 In my current post grad, semi-employed, sometimes mental case (if you know me well than I doubt that you will argue against these descriptors) state, I am starting to see that in order to achieve the life I’ve always dreamed of than I have to alter my behaviors…shocking right? After some significant soul searching I have come to terms with the fact that yes, personally, I have ample (and I mean AMPLE) amounts of heart, but honestly my hustle game is a little weak. So, this fall is all about bettering my hustle and thus opening up exciting new doors in my life.


I never thought that I would say this because life changes and I historically have not got on well…I mean it’s pretty safe to say that I resent, and desperately fight against most changes, but right now, almost 6 months after graduating it’s time for some new beginnings. I’ve got an amazing internship and so many opportunities knocking on my doorstep because I finally am taking the initiative to change my life. I didn’t, probably for the first time ever, let myself get stuck in my daydreams these past months or even let my anxieties weigh me down. Now, I am hustling to make my dreams a reality! I just want to live the best life possible, one that consists of hardwork, happiness, balance, heart and of course a fair amount of hustle 😉

So, ladies and gentleman my hustle game is on the rise and there is no turning back at this point. From now on I refuse to let my fear of change surpass my excitement about establishing my own “grown up life.” I promise to keep you all updated on how the hustle is going and I hope that you all are doing well!


Me Sarcastic? Never ;)

639748c1d9fc1e3c065bf748d6bde153Sarcasm can be difficult to read, but there is something about individuals who embody this characteristic that just makes me smile. It’s probably because I grew up with a dad who exhibits this trait on a regular basis and I too find myself to lean more towards the sarcastic side, but honestly I don’t know exactly why this kind of humor gets me more than any other. So in honor of my “more sarcastic self” (I do find myself saying you know I was teasing/being sarcastic a far amount hahaha) I thought I would share with you all some images that really drive this point home and make me laugh out loud!



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Things I’m Loving Thursday <3

  • Arm Candy: Pretty much every girl loves her bling and I am no exception. I must admit that I have a disgusting amount of jewelry (remember ladies and gentleman I am somewhat of a hoarder haha). So, I thought I would share with all of you some of my favorite “army candy” looks.

photo 3

Made With Love recycled rubber bracelets, Shaw Jewelry cuff (courtesy of Mom’s jewelry box), and a Cartier Love Charity bracelet.

photo 4

 Tory’s rings and Van Cleef Alhambra bracelet.

photo 1

Ropes Maine bracelet, Michael Kors watch, and Margaret Elizabeth ring.

photo 3

Tory’s rings, Ropes Maine bracelet, Kate Spade bangle, and Michael Kors watch.

  • “Hello Gorgeous” Light Fixture: Yesterday I ventured to Home Goods searching for a desk chair, but low and behold I couldn’t find a chair that tickled my fancy. However, shockingly, I did not come out of there empty handed haha. I left with this amazebalz light fixture and can’t wait to get it all set up! The office space is coming together 😉

photo 2

  • Gelato Fiasco Pomegranate Chocolate Chunk Sorbetto: Stumbling upon my all time favorite sorbetto from Gelato Fiasco, the delicious gelateria located in my college town, was fate and I have done some serious damage on this pint. I highly recommend it and will definitely be going back for more!

photo 1

  • Sippy Wine Cup: I really think that the reason why I choose this as one of my favorite things goes with out explanation…I mean come on how awesome and easy are these? I desperately want one of the monogrammed cups so I can officially have claims on one!




  • Sissy Time: Very few relationships compare to that of the one you have with your sister. I am lucky to call this babe my twinkie and so thankful that I have her in my life.  Since moving back home we both have been conscious about spending time together because we are on such different work schedules. I love her to the moon and truly appreciate all the effort she has put forth in our relationship. Love ya more 🙂



An Office Space

As I slowly adjust to life post college I thought one way to make the transition easier, and more enjoyable, would be to rearrange my bedroom and give it a more personal/”grownup” feel. My first actions in achieving this involved moving my bed, placing a dresser in my closet and getting rid of a TON of clutter (hi my name is Britty and I’m a hoarder…), but after all of that work I still felt unsatisfied. So, after some brainstorming I finally figured out what I was missing: an office space. Since one of my dressers is now in my closet I actually have a perfect place for a desk right by a window. I’m a little embarrassed to admit this, but I’ve never had a desk in my bedroom at home…I always did homework downstairs on the kitchen table and hated the isolation of my bedroom. However, after being at college, having a single and actually utilizing my desk I now know how much I enjoy having a little workspace of my own. So, in an effort to make my childhood bedroom a little more adult friendly I have begun the process of creating an office space. I thought that I’d share with you all some of my inspirations thus far because in all honesty all I have in my room right now is an empty corner near a window just waiting to be loved 🙂 Let the decorating commence!

2d47c5de8cbb46338c470e3147c1f3e2 73ea1b277e47687917b5a2180ca7915c e8462fbb3642241f50106ce2512504dd c649b33fef18e5605f51d7824b62d0a3 f565a016fadcfcbbdf5a785e535c7634 fc20b7a50d5688343c7397da2cfb5575 8c52059ebe642db94145f4e3dc858875 96daa19b2fa5025f48187d7846892991 d8f28b65f2c9b267b0028b50aa383c96

As you can see I’ve got some amazing inspiration and can not wait to actually put it to use. I will keep you all posted on my progress and encourage anyone itching for an interior decorating change to go far it! It is so important to make every space you inhibit a place you love to call your own.

Better Late Than Never: A Recap of “Better Than Nothing”

afb75f144a02a724780eeb408f76fc92This past Saturday was one of my favorite nights of the summer. For the past few years all of my girlfriends, our parents, and I have gone to the Corinthian Yacht Club to see Better Than Nothing perform. Better Than Nothing is an AMAZING cover band, which is comprised of some very close family friends, such as my BFF Grace’s dad, Billy. We danced and sang the night away to such songs as Everybody Talks by Neon Trees, The Counting Crow’s Rain King, American Girl by Tom Petty, and many more. Honestly nothing makes me happier than just letting loose and having a good time with my closest friends. We placed ourselves front and center of the band and didn’t stop partying until the club got shut down hahaha. It was just such a great night. I felt carefree and relaxed the whole entire time even though the next morning I had no voice and some very sore legs. It was totally worth it though! I am an ultimate groupie and just love those guys. Here are some pics from over the years that show just how much of a blast we have (excuse the poor quality of some, but we were more concerned about our singing and dancing than our photography skills!)






10419524_10204190258456208_3342893447189331228_nCourtesy of Mark Gamble via Facebook



Happy Monday :)

Mondays, especially during the summer, are rough for many of us because the weekend (aka freedom from our work/school responsibilities) seems so far off. In an attempt to combat the Monday blues I thought I’d share with all of you some images that make me smile, laugh and forget that there are 5 work days before the weekend. Hopefully they will also help you chug along throughout your week! I mean who doesn’t love some pick me ups to start the week fresh 😉

e778aa3995d072824667202e4899daf6 7c1b55715b0d50e2e0397b78634fc10f 5d43b2479c7e8309fccb0f1d4a4d558b 72f4fda432611b3e03d3f42cc7fd770c 55b34f2227825c930609e9fef4ad8bdf

“Happy trails to you, until we meet again. Happy trails to you, keep smilin’ until then.”


If someone had asked me at the beginning of the year how I would feel upon the day of my graduation I would have answered “relieved, ready, and so over college.” Today, however, just a few days into my life as a post grad I am sad and overwhelmed, but also extraordinarily proud, grateful, and happy. I know that I have said this a million times over, but I just can’t believe that I made it to this point. There were so many times when I wanted to throw in the towel, yet I didn’t, and I must thank all of you who supported me and knew that I could persevere when I, myself, was unsure. All of the countless pep talks, supportive meals, and words of wisdom I received from you all truly helped me to see that I not only had a chance at recovery, but that I could go back to college and thrive in that environment.

This past week was all about celebrating what I thought of as impossible and finally recognizing that I am braver than I believe, stronger than I seem, and smarter than I think. So, here are some photos from this amazing week with the people I will always care about and remember forever.


First Chance Dance


Vicetone Concert

10300641_10203256814037832_7724944450819616660_nThorndike Oak Toast


Portland Pub Crawl


Commencement Ceremony


Lobstah Bake


Graduation Parties


Last Chance Dance

DSC_0165 DSC_0169







Graduation Day!

The ceremony was beautiful and filled with ample traditions, which made the day all the more special. Tears, laughter, and joy filled the air and as I marched through campus all I could think about was how proud I am to be a Bowdoin College polar bear. You can even check it out for yourselves in this AMAZING vimeo, which gives you  a sneak peek at the splendor of the ceremony. Although this is the end of the era it is also the start of a new chapter in my life and I can’t wait to see what the future has in store. Stay tuned 😉