What I Hope For Us All in 2015

Happy Monday! I hope that everyone had a happy, as well as healthy, New Years and that you all are enjoying 2015 thus far. Since I have SO much excitement for 2015 I thought that I’d share with you guys, what I hope for us all in 2015. There’s no better time than now for us to learn, grow, and be the best versions of ourselves! So here is what I hope for all of you, as well as myself:

  1. Never let “the fears” stand in your way. 10671300_755666997820573_4491241005701606868_nLet’s take chances this year. We can no longer allow “the fears” to stop us dead in our tracks. 2015 is the year when we conquer “the fears” and see that we are stronger, and braver than we ever knew. Whether “the fears” turn up unexpectedly or they have existed for most of our lives we must stand up to them. We must never be afraid to share our fears or talk them out because often we will find we are not alone and we will thus have an ally to fight against “the fears” 😉
  2. Make intentions, not resolutions.d129467c2ff9ae4c359e85d46ceeea7eA resolution is defined as the action of solving a problem, so when we set a resolution every New Year we are in a sense seeing ourselves and our past actions as problems that we believe need to be solved. An intention, however, is defined as a the determination to act in a certain way. When we set an intention we don’t see ourselves as problems, but are instead focusing our energies on leading our life differently by making more effective choices. I encourage all of us to make intentions, not resolutions because intentions are more powerful and positive. For 2015 I intend to love my mind, body and spirit for its beauty, as well as imperfections.
  3. Be your own best friend.b8c50eafd861385a81ae508dba368087We have got to learn to love ourselves and stop comparing ourselves to others. We are all unique individuals who should only have to look to ourselves for beauty and inspiration. Only after we alone are able to see how truly amazing we are, inside and out, will happiness become second nature. What matters most is our relationship with ourselves, once that is strong everything else will fall into place.
  4. Learn from the past, but don’t hold on to it, look forward to what is next to come.b4d67e54d8758312d5b1a7839550419cI’m sure we can all refer back to events in our past that we wish with every fiber of our being never occurred, but we also know that there is no way we change them or take them back. So, instead of wallowing over mishaps, or endings, we can think about them in a new way by focusing on what those unfortunate incidents have taught us about ourselves. For example, when a relationship ends we can become consumed by all the negative and hurtful parts of it, but instead of thinking in that respect we must try and focus on the good, and figure out what we learned about ourselves from it. Whether it be that we deserve more or that perhaps we should have treated someone else better, we must not hone in on the hurt. I’m a true believer that everything happens for a reason and every scenario, good or bad, is supposed to teach us something so we can become the best versions of ourselves. So, lets try and learn from the past and not be held back by it.
  5. Remember that everyone has a struggle and a story. a43bb1c8dd3268c37f93990c9f0f56bfMany of us, myself included, become absorbed by our own personal struggle and thus have a difficult time seeing that we are not the only one suffering out there. I know that when I am in my absolute worse ED mindset I don’t think of anyone else, but myself, and am convinced that no one understands me. Some of this comes from the fact that I would never want anyone else to feel the pain I have, but another reason is that I believe everyone else has it all together. However, one of the greatest lessons I learned in 2014 was the power of empathy and I can only hope to continue to cultivate this emotion throughout 2015. In doing so I know I will strengthen all of my relationships because I am recognizing that we all have some sort of struggle and respecting one another’s struggle is crucial in becoming the best version of ourselves, as well as nurturing our relationships with others. Empathy creates strong bonds so I encourage us all to give it a try and make it a part of our lives.

Good Things Happen To Those Who Hustle.



Happy Humpday everyone! Today I encourage you all to hustle harder, whatever that may mean to you 😉 In my current post grad, semi-employed, sometimes mental case (if you know me well than I doubt that you will argue against these descriptors) state, I am starting to see that in order to achieve the life I’ve always dreamed of than I have to alter my behaviors…shocking right? After some significant soul searching I have come to terms with the fact that yes, personally, I have ample (and I mean AMPLE) amounts of heart, but honestly my hustle game is a little weak. So, this fall is all about bettering my hustle and thus opening up exciting new doors in my life.


I never thought that I would say this because life changes and I historically have not got on well…I mean it’s pretty safe to say that I resent, and desperately fight against most changes, but right now, almost 6 months after graduating it’s time for some new beginnings. I’ve got an amazing internship and so many opportunities knocking on my doorstep because I finally am taking the initiative to change my life. I didn’t, probably for the first time ever, let myself get stuck in my daydreams these past months or even let my anxieties weigh me down. Now, I am hustling to make my dreams a reality! I just want to live the best life possible, one that consists of hardwork, happiness, balance, heart and of course a fair amount of hustle 😉

So, ladies and gentleman my hustle game is on the rise and there is no turning back at this point. From now on I refuse to let my fear of change surpass my excitement about establishing my own “grown up life.” I promise to keep you all updated on how the hustle is going and I hope that you all are doing well!


Luxxie Boston: Bringing Classy Back.



Good Morning! I am BEYOND excited to announce my latest endeavor. Last week I took on the position of marketing/PR/social media intern at Luxxie Boston. My role will include blogging, managing the social media accounts and promoting this AMAZING, as well as innovative, product.

Luxxie Boston is a luxury lingerie company that Stefanie Mnayarji began in response to “the lack of options for foundation wear for women who wanted a solution that was functional, comfortable and sexy.” The modern women has no time for the disadvantages of discomfort and Luxxie Boston allows women to walk into any room with confidence because she does not have to worry about wardrobe annoyances. From slips, to camis, to maxis Luxxie has all you need for foundation wear. It’s finally time for us to say goodbye to the sausage casing that is shape wear!


After learning about Luxxie Boston, and their goal to create a revolution in women’s lingerie, I knew that this was the right place for me! The message, which Luxxie Boston conveys is one of self and body acceptance. Why should we have to suffer in shapewear? We are fabulous just the way we are so no more restricting ourselves and accepting discomfort. It’s impossible for us to be the best versions of ourselves if we are uncomfortable and worried about the fit and feel of our clothes. Getting dressed in the morning should be an exciting part of our day and Luxxie Boston can help make it that way.


There is so much room for growth in this position and I cannot wait to contribute to the Luxxie Boston movement. We are reinventing the slip for the modern women and allowing her to reach her fullest potential because she feels comfortable, sexy and confident. When you feel this way on the inside than it will undoubtedly shine through you. Are you ready for change? If so you can pre-order your Luxxie Boston here: LuxxieBoston.com

Platinum Cami

Back To School Time…For The Lucky Ones :)

The Columbia Center for Eating Disorders recently released a blog post entitled, “Back-to-School: Top 5 Way to Tackle Your Eating Disorder Freshman Year,” which lays out 5 ways to help individuals who struggle with disordered eating adjust to life, and all the crazy changes that come along with being a college student. I know firsthand just how scary, stressful, and overwhelming this time is because I was in this position a year ago. Even though I wasn’t a freshman, in fact I was a super senior haha, I still had never been at college while in recovery and therefore everything felt totally new and overwhelming. So because of my experience, I thought it might be helpful if I reflected back, by using the 5 suggestions recommended by the Columbia Center, on how being so well prepared when I went back to school was crucial in my journey to recovery. There is NO chance that I would be where I am today if I didn’t have a team guide me (and basically hold my hand) during this transition.


  1. Establish a treatment plan before you start school: 358d3dd03858c46245b2b55eff15823c About a month before I headed back to school my team and I set up a treatment plan that was specific to my needs. The most crucial part of the plan was an ultimatum that was put into place, which was that if I did not follow the rules we set up and I faltered in any way than I would need to reconsider my role as a student, and probably reenroll in an intensive eating disorder program. My plan, specifically, focused heavily on maintaining contact with my team from home as well as building relationships with the services that the college offers. I had to speak weekly with my therapist (via Skype), I had to get weighed weekly as well as get my vitals checked at the health center, meet with a nutritionist (which was an epic fail…) and have the highest/most extensive meal plan. Having all of these eyes on me was overwhelming, but it forced me to be held accountable for my actions, good and/or bad, and created stability in an otherwise chaotic environment.
  2. Don’t be afraid to work with your school’s student health services: b713793c031d592315858b775b38bc45 I know that opening up to even more people when you feel like you have told your story a thousand times over to those already helping you is daunting, but the more resources you have the better. I couldn’t have asked for a better ally in one of the nurse practitioners at my school and without her I wouldn’t be as far a long in my recovery as I am. Her willingness to listen and her desire to learn more about this disease, and how she could better help all her patients, made me feel secure as well as well taken care of. Since part of my treatment plan was to establish a direct relationship with the health center following through with that really made me feel stronger and safer because I knew I now had even more people on my side who genuinely cared/were rooting for me in my journey to recovery. Also, there is no shame in going to health services. I know that there are generally so many stigmas attached to issues of mental health, but you are doing what many other people are unwillingly to do…creating/working for a better you.
  3. Think about housing and meal plan options and how they will or won’t work for you: cbc28f0257697a2e63e5ddd2bcd21390 In regard to housing and meal plan options these two aspects of the college experience are where you need to be selfish in your recovery. It has to be less about what everyone else is doing because you know what, they most likely are not dealing with the same issues you are. So what, if living in a single is most conducive to your treatment plan? That doesn’t mean you are a loner or have no friends. What it means is that it is healthier for you to live alone because you have certain behaviors, as well as routines, that you need to follow to succeed in recovery. For me specifically I was terrified of living alone, but knew it was probably for the best because I had adjusted to a very “non-college” sleep plan while taking a year off. Let’s just say I went to bed at like 10:00pm and got up around 6:00am…total grandma status haha. But, getting solid sleep and feeling like I had my own space to retreat to when I felt anxious/overwhelmed made me a better and stronger person. And you know what? I still made plenty of new friends as well as cultivated my relationships with older ones 🙂
  4. Pick an exercise plan that’s right for you: c1ca4032b8788ccb091b0f9ac6c9dfc8 For me this meant avoiding triggering exercises, like a certain running route, that I knew would bring up memories of when I was really sick. What I ended up doing in order to create a “healthy exercise plan” was setting up a routine that worked well with my class schedule, and also fell in line with the restrictions I had set up with my team. I’m a creature of habit so by establishing a routine that was at a time of the day that didn’t cause me stress and I actually looked forward to was great. It eventually became more of a mindful time and less about a compulsion that is driven by “burning calories.” I started exercising because I loved that time of the day that was all about me and not about sweating off all that I had ate.
  5. Talk to your parents: b4e996eeec67a22bfb27b936e445bded Honestly your parents are going to be really worried about you when you go back to school. So just keep them in the loop and be forward with them. You are an adult, but they will always be your parents and they want to know how you are doing, especially after all that you have been through. They want you to recover and thrive so just keep it real with them and don’t be afraid to tell the truth when you are struggling. Mom and dad are here to listen, love, and support you so let them do that! I spoke with my parents daily and was brutally honest with them. Did that cause them some stress? Absolutely. But did it bring us closer together, as well as enable them to see when I really needed their support? 100% yes. I couldn’t have done it without them.

I just can’t emphasize enough that honesty and constant contact with all members of your team, from your parents to your therapist and anyone else who is in your corner, is truly one of the best ways for you to move forward in your recovery. Keep it real by recognizing/sharing when you are struggling, but also by celebrating in your successes. Recovery is a roller coaster ride and is never easy so we must embrace our imperfections while still fighting for a healthier and happier self.

So, all of you lucky ladies and gentleman who are heading back to school in the next few weeks stay strong as well as focused and never stop telling yourself that it can, and will, get better.


(or hero) 😉

An Office Space

As I slowly adjust to life post college I thought one way to make the transition easier, and more enjoyable, would be to rearrange my bedroom and give it a more personal/”grownup” feel. My first actions in achieving this involved moving my bed, placing a dresser in my closet and getting rid of a TON of clutter (hi my name is Britty and I’m a hoarder…), but after all of that work I still felt unsatisfied. So, after some brainstorming I finally figured out what I was missing: an office space. Since one of my dressers is now in my closet I actually have a perfect place for a desk right by a window. I’m a little embarrassed to admit this, but I’ve never had a desk in my bedroom at home…I always did homework downstairs on the kitchen table and hated the isolation of my bedroom. However, after being at college, having a single and actually utilizing my desk I now know how much I enjoy having a little workspace of my own. So, in an effort to make my childhood bedroom a little more adult friendly I have begun the process of creating an office space. I thought that I’d share with you all some of my inspirations thus far because in all honesty all I have in my room right now is an empty corner near a window just waiting to be loved 🙂 Let the decorating commence!

2d47c5de8cbb46338c470e3147c1f3e2 73ea1b277e47687917b5a2180ca7915c e8462fbb3642241f50106ce2512504dd c649b33fef18e5605f51d7824b62d0a3 f565a016fadcfcbbdf5a785e535c7634 fc20b7a50d5688343c7397da2cfb5575 8c52059ebe642db94145f4e3dc858875 96daa19b2fa5025f48187d7846892991 d8f28b65f2c9b267b0028b50aa383c96

As you can see I’ve got some amazing inspiration and can not wait to actually put it to use. I will keep you all posted on my progress and encourage anyone itching for an interior decorating change to go far it! It is so important to make every space you inhibit a place you love to call your own.

Why Be Stuck in the Past When You Can Live in the Present?


Throughout this year I’ve discovered that it’s vital not to harp on why things ended. Instead, I must focus all of my energy on living in the present and becoming a better and stronger versions of myself. Yes, the past is part of who I am today, but I am choosing to use it as a place of reference from which I’ve learned from my mistakes, as well as successes. It’s time for me, therefore, and I encourage you all as well, to take these prior experiences and implement them positively into your present life. I truly believe that everything from this point forward will aid me in my journey of becoming a happier and healthier friend, sister, daughter, etc.

 So, there is no need to stress about why things played out the way in which they did because we can’t go back and change them. We can only learn from our prior experiences as well as our mistakes and make our current life situations the best they can be by taking what we’ve learned from our slip ups, backslides, poor choices, etc and not letting them get the best of us.


I’m no good with change…

Hey guys,

I wanted to take a minute to explain my lack of posting over the past few weeks. Yes, I did graduate almost two weeks ago and I couldn’t be more proud of myself, but I am also dealing with some issues surrounding this great change in my life, which have left me overwhelmed and, in all honesty, mentally drained. As those of you who follow my blog know I HATE CHANGE and graduating from college is a huge one so it makes sense that I’ve been a little depressed during my first week home. I’m slowly adjusting to life after Bowdoin, but it’s going to take some time. The best thing I can do for myself now is to set up a routine and incorporate things that I love, and that make me happy, into my daily life.

Also, it is crucial that I don’t allow my ultimate goal of recovery fall to the wayside and therefore I must continue to make it a priority, which has been harder than I anticipated. I still have to fight against falling back into certain unhealthy behaviors. I now recognize that every time I change my environment my meal schedules also are altered so I need to figure out first and foremost how to balance everything around nourishing myself. So I am going to remind myself that balance is key and I know that I WILL find it eventually…Hopefully sooner than later though 😉

In an effort to start on the right foot I thought that I would share a few things that I hope to implement into my daily routine that will help lift my spirits and continue to aid me in my recovery!

1. I LOVE to start my day doing something active whether that be taking a spin class at Burn or walking Brewster, but I also know that for me, personally, exercise has to be done in moderation so it is important that I balance between intense workouts and mindful activities.


Both mentally and physically 😉

2. Coffee, blogging and breakfast time!


3. The early afternoon is always a tough time of day for me so I’ve decided that during this lull in my day I will focus on catching up with friends, running errands, doing housework, or maybe even soaking up some of the summer sun!


4. I’m fortunate to have an afternoon job at an adorable boutique in town called Seaside Allure. So work is always something I can look forward to throughout my day.


5. After work I like to go to dinner or just spend time with my friends and family. Even though there aren’t too many people around these days that’s ok because I can focus my energies on those who I truly care about.


Although this is just a start I think that’s it’s better than nothing and hopefully it will help me readjust to life at home. However, I plan to broaden my daily ventures over time and am looking forward to what is to come. I just have to get over the initial hump of adjusting to change. Wish me luck!

So, What’s Next?


I’m sure many, if not all, of my fellow recent college grads out there have had to face, especially within the last few weeks, the ever-looming inquiry of: so you’ve finished college…what are you going to do with your life next? This question is so broad as well as pressure filled. It’s as if we are expected to have the next 10 years all figured out when we’ve only just completed doing the one thing we know how to…be students. Some of you out there have plans whether that’s graduate school, a career path, or traveling the world whereas others, myself included, are kind of in limbo. Personally, I’m really at odds over what the next big step in my life will be… In all honesty all I truly know is that I want to be happy and healthy, two things I have not been prior to this year. So, my goal for this summer is to simply work on maintaing the health and true happiness I was without for so long and hopefully through that discover what I am passionate about. Who knows maybe I can take this little blog to the next level and really make something out of myself 🙂 I just need to remind myself that the opportunities out there are endless and the only person standing in my way is myself. Through hard work and perseverance I (and you) can conquer anything!



“Happy trails to you, until we meet again. Happy trails to you, keep smilin’ until then.”


If someone had asked me at the beginning of the year how I would feel upon the day of my graduation I would have answered “relieved, ready, and so over college.” Today, however, just a few days into my life as a post grad I am sad and overwhelmed, but also extraordinarily proud, grateful, and happy. I know that I have said this a million times over, but I just can’t believe that I made it to this point. There were so many times when I wanted to throw in the towel, yet I didn’t, and I must thank all of you who supported me and knew that I could persevere when I, myself, was unsure. All of the countless pep talks, supportive meals, and words of wisdom I received from you all truly helped me to see that I not only had a chance at recovery, but that I could go back to college and thrive in that environment.

This past week was all about celebrating what I thought of as impossible and finally recognizing that I am braver than I believe, stronger than I seem, and smarter than I think. So, here are some photos from this amazing week with the people I will always care about and remember forever.


First Chance Dance


Vicetone Concert

10300641_10203256814037832_7724944450819616660_nThorndike Oak Toast


Portland Pub Crawl


Commencement Ceremony


Lobstah Bake


Graduation Parties


Last Chance Dance

DSC_0165 DSC_0169







Graduation Day!

The ceremony was beautiful and filled with ample traditions, which made the day all the more special. Tears, laughter, and joy filled the air and as I marched through campus all I could think about was how proud I am to be a Bowdoin College polar bear. You can even check it out for yourselves in this AMAZING vimeo, which gives you  a sneak peek at the splendor of the ceremony. Although this is the end of the era it is also the start of a new chapter in my life and I can’t wait to see what the future has in store. Stay tuned 😉


SurvIvies 2014

Sorry for my lack of posting, but I’ve been crazy busy this week trying to get all my work done before my college’s spring weekend goes into full swing! As most of you may know pretty much every college under the sun participates in some sort of “spring weekend” and it’s that time of the year for Bowdoin. Here we celebrate “Ivies” during the last weekend in April and it’s a pretty sweet time haha. Usually it’s the first weekend of the semester when it’s actually semi-appropriate to be outside and we take full advantage of the above freezing temps and sunshine! In honor of my last Ivies ever I thought I would share with all of you 5 clutch tips for SurvIving this weekend, and for all of you at other schools this advice totally pertains to your spring weekends as well!


1. Go out even if you aren’t drinking.



For us seniors it is especially important to take advantage of every last minute we have left here. So my advice is to go out even if you aren’t drinking. I’ve been around the block and have gone out quite a lot without drinking and in all honesty I usually have a pretty great time. Most people won’t be able to tell whether or not you are indulging in a beverage so don’t let your desire to stay sober deter you from being social. Some of my favorite and most fun people don’t drink and they are always a friggen blast.

2. Hydrate…For reals.



Ladies and gentleman this is probably the most important piece of advice I can give you all: drink LOTS AND LOTS of water. We are going to be outside in the sun and participating in some other activities that are def going to dehydrate us… So, be conscious of this and bring a water bottle with you. This is also a great way to pace yourself during the festivities.

3. Take pictures.



The memories tied to pictures last a lifetime so don’t hesitate to document this weekend. You don’t have to put the pictures on any form of social media, but it’s so important to have them for yourself.


4. Remember that it’s a marathon and not a sprint. 

f103a0e723030ddfbead953fa857f8a3Never rush a good thing. Pace yourself and recognize that the festivities last all weekend long so if you want to go take a nap to recharge in between (or during) any of the events do it. You’ll thank yourself later I bet!


5. Enjoy your company.


Plain and simple just don’t surround yourself with people who bring you down or who you don’t like…they truly aren’t worth your time or energy. For all of us seniors this is one of our last big college events before graduation so don’t waist your time with those who aren’t contributing to your happiness. It’s the quality of your friendships that matter, not the number of friends you have.


Happy Ivies everyone and enjoy the weekend by living in the moment 🙂