Self Care Snow Day: A Date With My First True Love…Me ;)

a2a253168ec6a81b82620db0a8f3ce41So guys, in an attempt to fight the extreme sense of boredom that I knew was looming in my future, as well as be semi-productive, during the crazy snownado (shout out to Allie for that term) I decided to seize the day and make it my official “Self Care Snow Day.” It’s been awhile since I’ve focused on some self care and boy I had no idea just how much I was in need of some loving…

“Love yourself first” is a message that I bring up on the reg on the blog and that’s because it relates so strongly to my own insecurities. I honestly have to remind myself, probably every minute of everyday, that the most important  relationship I can have right now is the one with myself. I think it’s way too easy to become consumed by the thoughts and desire of having someone else love us, especially when we are SUPER single (and when I say super I mean it…). If I’m speaking candidly from my own experiences I think a lot of things failed, if not all, because I didn’t have enough respect, or more specifically love, for myself. So, guys we can only live and learn you know? And the main take away I have from past experiences is that I must spend more time focusing on, and taking care of #1…Me.

Therefore, I decided that today I would focus solely on self care and all things Britty. I mean when’s a better time to show yourself some love than when you are trapped indoors with no other responsibilities? So, here’s what I did to make my day all about me 🙂

  1. Sleep In-Last night in preparation for Juno I had the fabulous idea to wash all of my sheets and linens. There are few things better than climbing into a warm, clean and freshly made bed. I honestly dare you to name three things superior to it…but, anyways I slept cozily and snugly in my bed, but unfortunately not soundly (darn snowplows and wind) until I truly wanted to get up. Is it ok that I slept in until 11am? Hell yeah, today’s my “Self Care Snow Day.”ea746aa60c0d8d7699e169b22b3141dc
  2. Get My Sweat On-Knowing that I was going to be trapped in the house all day today I decided yesterday that I should get my sweat on at some point. Prior to Juno I planned to take a spin class at Burn, but obviously that wasn’t going to happen so it was up to me to get my endorphins flowing. I didn’t do anything crazy, but decided a weight/strength circuit was just what the doctor ordered.0ab5aec2536871c0ee57b3410b6691c9
  3. Shower time-After my workout I took the longest shower evah! It was amazing and I cherished every second of it. Once I finally emerged from my happy place (fun fact I truly believe a hot shower cures all) I climbed into some fresh and so clean, clean pajamas. I’m obsessed with comfy clothes and any day where I can wear them unapologetically is one that I consider a day of self care 🙂4dbbbc5acdc419267574ad364394b47e
  4. Boozy brunch– Once I was all comfy, cozy and clean in my rockin jammies I made my way down to the kitchen to enjoy a boozy brunch. I cooked my own meal, which is in and of its self a big challenge, and decided hey I may never again have an adult snow day where I have no responsibilities so why not enjoy a drink with brunch? All in all the drink was yummy, but the feeling of cooking my own brunch successfully surpassed that. Every meal is still tough and having done this meal well brought a smile to my face 🙂photo 1
  5. Snail Mail-So, I’m completely, fully, wholeheartedly OBSESSED with cards. I love sending, and of course receiving 😉 mail, and with a certain hallmark holiday just around the corner I thought it would be a great time to send out a few letters. Can’t share more because I don’t want to ruin any surprises! But if anyone ever wants to throw a card my way I won’t complain 🙂4661007820
  6. Pamper time– And yeah this happened…i’ve been dying to try an at home face mask, but haven’t had the time so thank you Juno for giving me that finally! Also thanks to Women’s Health Magazine, and my bff Pinterest, for helping me come across this easy to do: Aloe Vera and Avocado Face Mask. Definitely check it out you guys! It’s suppose to help combat dry skin and with this weather we need all the help we can get. My skin does feel better and I would try this 2photo 4
  7. The Post-it Always Sticks Twice-Did I then spend over an hour watching some of my favorite Sex And the City episodes…oh yes I did! Whenever you are feeling less than awesome about your love life (or lack there of haha) Sex And The City is there to raise your spirits. It could always be worse, but it WILL always get better and Sex And The City is there for all of our highs and lows. Carrie Bradshaw for President?c49f206225c375fa3549cf86f60e08e4
  8. Writing– I don’t want this to sound corny or lame, but writing on my blog is truly the most cathartic and effective form of self care for me. I love writing and need to make it part of my everyday schedule because it always brings a smile to me face 🙂 Planning out this post and finally putting it into words gave me a purpose. I can only hope you guys enjoy reading it as much as I did writing it. a0332f5fd3c6e4bf368e4ba86953248e
  9. TBD-Not really sure what the rest of the night holds, but if I could guess it would consist of me cozied in bed in my clean sheets with a book. I’m a total sucker for historical fiction (yes, i’m letting my geek flag fly by admitting that) and I just began “Day After Night” by best selling author Anita Diamant. I can’t wait to make a dent in it so i’m hoping my “Self Care Snow Day” concludes with me ferociously reading this page turner!



So far today has been beyond amazing. Learning how to love yourself through methods of self care is crucial in strengthening your soul and I encourage all of us to make the effort to take those days to reconnect with yourself. Stay safe during the rest of your storm guys and thanks for checking in 🙂

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