Conquering A Fear


Right now I am pretty nervous because tomorrow I have to conquer a big fear of mine…public speaking. My confidence level has grown significantly, in regard to speaking up and expressing my thoughts and opinions, especially in classroom settings, but I still can’t help the fact that I get really anxious when I have to stand in front of a large group of people and give an oral presentation. For most of my childhood, adolescence, and high school years it is safe to say I was painfully shy. I was horribly self-conscious, as well as anxious, so I hardly ever spoke up in my classes unless I was called upon. Although I have come along way and grown immensely since then I can’t help, but feel myself reverting back to that shy girl I was when I think about the impending presentation tomorrow morning. So, in order to combat these negative, and for the most part extremely harsh, feelings I am reminding myself just how far I’ve come. If I can get through all of the crazies of the past few years I can totally give a rocking oral presentation tomorrow. I must tell myself that it’ll be great and I have nothing to worry about…worrying will get me nowhere and is a complete misuse of my thoughts. I will only become a stronger person by going through with this presentation and by giving it my all. As one of my fav ladies once said:


So, even though I know tomorrow is not going to be a walk in the park I am going to hold my head high and try my hardest to be confident throughout my entire presentation. Wish me luck!


Or in my case my sassy skirt 😉

A Tried and True Love Affair


Post last nights’ surprising, completely unexpected, and significant snowfall the only thing that I wanted this morning was a massive cup o’joe. Running through the accumulating snow in flats and my “going out” attire really left me with a strong desire to treat myself to something nice this a.m…BRR.

I have always loved the taste of coffee…I mean before I was old enough to drink it I worshipped Starbuck’s cappuccino-chip ice-cream. Arguably, I was raised to appreciate and enjoy the power and soothing effects of coffee. My mom, for instance, constantly drinks coffee throughout the day and I actually grew up watching her drink her last cup right before she went to bed. For her it isn’t about the caffeine, but the warming and comforting feeling that encompasses her right before she goes to sleep, through drinking her coffee. I, too, have a similar relationship with coffee. I don’t over do it with the caffeine like some people I know (cough, cough Katie hahaha), but I allow myself one cup a day that I savor and can truly enjoy. I have learned that life is truly about the little things, and coffee for me, is one that can pull me out of a slump. It just makes me happy…plain and simple.

So, in honor of my love affair with coffee, I decided to share a few of my favorite coffee-related images with you all on this frigid Sunday morning. All of these pictures bring a smile to my face so hopefully they will do the same to you.


Def did the trick on this blisteringly cold Maine morning


Nothing like sharing a cup with someone special who recognizes your true beauty.


Coffee in bed…So cozy.


I can’t reiterate my belief enough that the simple things are everything.


So pretty.


If a guy brought me coffee in the morning…it would be over… and he’d probably have my heart (just maybe hahaha)


Fact. Right Kate?


Coach Taylor drinking coffee..what a man.


Live, Love, Coffee.


It really, truly, does.

Happy Sunday All!

Tips for Self Care.


Over the past year one coping strategy that I have come to HEAVILY relay on is self-care. Whether I’m just a little over-tired because I’ve been working hard on school assignments all week, or on the other extreme… if I am feeling like:

d0256c6896691d385bfedd2faea33451I now know that everyday, regardless of what is going on in my life, I need to set aside time for myself and do something that simply makes me, and me alone, happier and healthier.

Here are a few suggestions for self care that I have found to work well:


It’s a little treat for your eyes only 😉 Credit for this suggestion goes to the lovely MMC and my sissy.


Occasionally I’ll look at photos my mom has sent me of our dogs all dressed up…they can always make me smile. Also I’d highly recommend taking a mindful walk with your dogs if you have them. This is a great way to clear your head.


Sunshine cures all. Fact. According to the rules of life written by Mamma Maxwell and Mamma Quigs!


Have a mini dance party alone. Just do it. You know you want to 😉

9a00a2fba39bc8759ff4fb90b8f6599aWater, personally, has the ultimate calming effect. Whether it be jumping in the ocean or taking a hot shower I always feel better after either.


A good yoga class can refocus and center you.

3eb25674a9843e076dd74c77b12e0e38This is my go-to method for self care. Pampering myself with a manicure and a cup of coffee. So simple, but it always brightens my day.

Self care is crucial for everyone. There are good, and bad, parts to everyday so why not try to make the good outweigh the bad? I know it’s hard for most of us to set aside time for ourselves and focus purely on our mental health, but it is has to be done. Everyone around you, but most importantly you yourself, will benefit from the small segment of your day that you take to better yourself.


A Truly Disgusting Example of Ignorance.


Yesterday I was shocked, and deeply saddened, to come across a recent article that describes ‘the top reasons why guys should date girls with eating disorders.’ The author’s ignorance surrounding the fact that eating disorders are issues of mental health is evident in how he conveys his message throughout his piece. His glorification of women with eating disorders and his placement of them on a high pedestal among other “dateable” women is deplorable. Also, his reference to EDs as “a white girl problem” is grossly inaccurate. Eating disorders don’t discriminate. Women of all ages, races, and social classes are vulnerable to them. Clearly the author has no idea what it is like to be affected by this disease…I would never wish the pain I have gone through on anyone, but if this d-bag could survive one day in my head amongst all my ED thoughts I think he might reevaluate his opinion…

Initially, when I first saw this article, I had a very emotional reaction to its’ content because I realized just how little a certain segment of our population knows about, or are even willing to try to understand, eating disorders as issues of mental health, and not simply as vanity problems. I am talking specifically about men who attempt to embody traits of hegemonic masculinity. The insensitivity of the author throughout his article reinforces so many stigmas that are associated with eating disorders, but also highlights what is wrong with our society’s view of masculinity. Fun fact guys, by objectifying women based on their looks, and by passing judgment on our physical appearances so candidly and cruelly, you are not becoming more of a man…you are just a horrible person. So guys, throw away this hyper-masculinity b.s. and attempt to relate to, and understand, the experiences women suffer through, like eating disorders. Don’t poke fun or mock something you have no idea about…women respect you more if you can recognize on some level what they have gone through in their lives. Take a note from this guy:


So I hope that all of you will join me in signing this PETITION to get the article removed from the internet. Because guys, no one should treat a women in such a disrespectful way, and ladies you deserve better than to have this loser filling the web with his baseless and inaccurate articles.

I mean ladies, as Nicholas Sparks so eloquently puts it we must tell ourselves we deserve the best and:


And this, definitely, will not be the type of guy, who reads, writes, or supports such an offensive article. Every girl is waiting for that one guy to come sweep her off her feet and empower her…make her feel even more beautiful, intelligent, and thoughtful than before, and it should be someone who is also strong enough to stand up against such ignorance. It should be a love and a respect that is:


And finally here’s one last Nicholas Sparks’ quote for you all…I couldn’t resist 🙂


P.S. I didn’t include the link to the article because I found it so offensive and triggering. I also didn’t want to support the author by sending more traffic to his work.

Lazy Sunday. My Version of Sunday Funday.

041b3155b860c9e72761b956f3bd844eI truly believe that lazy Sundays’ have the power to restore one’s soul after a long and draining week. So today I am taking advantage of the gloomy weather by hibernating in my room, wearing my coziest clothes (I mean this stud approves of that haha),


slowly getting my assignments for the week done, and just doing some activities that make me happy. I am focusing on my mental health today by reminding myself that:


Health & Eating Habits on College Campuses. How Can We Make These Environments Better?

Yesterday my college newspaper, The Bowdoin Orient, featured an article entitled, “A look at disordered eating at Bowdoin” that includes an interview with yours truly 🙂 about my own experience with unhealthy/disordered eating behaviors. Bowdoin is an amazing environment with some of the most intelligent, well-rounded, and impressive people I have ever met. Also, (side note), it is arguably one of the most beautiful college campuses.


Case and point. In all honesty these photos don’t even do the college justice.

Bowdoin is an extremely selective institution. Perfectionists flock here, as well as to other colleges of similar prestige, and often face overwhelming pressures to maintain, or even enhance, the high standards of achievement they have always set for themselves. This trait of perfectionism, in college aged women, has been studied and is found to actually be a fairly consistent trait among those who suffer from an eating disorder. With a strong perseverance for perfectionism embodied by so many young women on campus factors such as academic stress, the adjustment of transitioning from high school to college, pressure to make new friends, and our society’s unrealistic standards of beauty, really have the potential to derail young women attending college for the first time. It is also important to recognize that there are other characteristics, aside from perfectionism, that make young women vulnerable to disordered eating behaviors. We, as women, have A LOT of things going on mentally, emotionally, even physically when we arrive at college for our freshman fall. These reasons are why there is such a strong need for awareness and education about disordered eating. I hope that by educating, young woman, especially freshman, about this issue before they face all the ups and downs of college life, then they will be less likely to be effected by this awful disease. I am so grateful that Bowdoin is making an effort to bring awareness to this issue and trying to take away some of the stigma, which surrounds EDs by creating an open forum about it on campus. Bowdoin is definitely making strides in the right direction to help their students in need. This is exactly why I am sharing my story. I truly want to help others who are suffering in the same way that I have…and also still do at some times. I know, personally, just how long I was ashamed about my disease and I don’t ever want any other individual to feel how I have. I always remind myself that, in regard to others:


And I’ve started to remind myself, when I get anxious or overwhelmed about sharing my own story, to listen to the wise words of one of the most remarkable women in history:

df675032c1f3c9b1c0fb288276dcfd02 0025dcbb987649a0c7074fbbeb21564d

Regardless of what others think I know that I need to share my story…if not to help others, than honestly just to help myself.

I am here at Bowdoin, until May, and as a result of the article, as well as my publication of my blog, many more people are now aware of my struggle with this disease…however I am NOT ashamed. I know how far I’ve come and, yes, I still have a lot of work to do, but I am going to be as present and as engaged in my current environment as possible. I will tell myself:


And also that:


Hey Tay, I really hope that you’re feeling 22.



Shout out to my fellow scorpio (aka fellow craycray pants) Taylor on her 22nd birthday today!!!




Tay you are one my bestest, and most beautiful, friends in the entire world, I hope you live it up today! You are so unbelievably determined and passionate. I know that only amazing things are to come in your future. Sis, I miss you more than words, but I know that you are going to do amazing things in Cali. Remember you are a survivor and a fighter!

599176_4575786949403_1608837737_nI don’t know what I would do without your friendship, I mean babe loyalty is everything right? Thinking of you today scorpio!