Things I’m Loving Thursday <3

  • Arm Candy: Pretty much every girl loves her bling and I am no exception. I must admit that I have a disgusting amount of jewelry (remember ladies and gentleman I am somewhat of a hoarder haha). So, I thought I would share with all of you some of my favorite “army candy” looks.

photo 3

Made With Love recycled rubber bracelets, Shaw Jewelry cuff (courtesy of Mom’s jewelry box), and a Cartier Love Charity bracelet.

photo 4

 Tory’s rings and Van Cleef Alhambra bracelet.

photo 1

Ropes Maine bracelet, Michael Kors watch, and Margaret Elizabeth ring.

photo 3

Tory’s rings, Ropes Maine bracelet, Kate Spade bangle, and Michael Kors watch.

  • “Hello Gorgeous” Light Fixture: Yesterday I ventured to Home Goods searching for a desk chair, but low and behold I couldn’t find a chair that tickled my fancy. However, shockingly, I did not come out of there empty handed haha. I left with this amazebalz light fixture and can’t wait to get it all set up! The office space is coming together 😉

photo 2

  • Gelato Fiasco Pomegranate Chocolate Chunk Sorbetto: Stumbling upon my all time favorite sorbetto from Gelato Fiasco, the delicious gelateria located in my college town, was fate and I have done some serious damage on this pint. I highly recommend it and will definitely be going back for more!

photo 1

  • Sippy Wine Cup: I really think that the reason why I choose this as one of my favorite things goes with out explanation…I mean come on how awesome and easy are these? I desperately want one of the monogrammed cups so I can officially have claims on one!




  • Sissy Time: Very few relationships compare to that of the one you have with your sister. I am lucky to call this babe my twinkie and so thankful that I have her in my life.  Since moving back home we both have been conscious about spending time together because we are on such different work schedules. I love her to the moon and truly appreciate all the effort she has put forth in our relationship. Love ya more 🙂



Things I’m Loving Thursday <3

From this day forward I have decided to create a blog series called, “Things I’m Loving Thursday.” My ultimate goal with these reoccurring posts is to share with all of you my favorite things at a particular time. Whether it’s food, clothing pieces, words of wisdom, etc. I hope that you enjoy them as much as I do! So, let’s celebrate today, the inauguration of “Things I’m Loving Thursday,” and I can’t wait to continue sharing everything that makes me smile 🙂

  • My New Desk: Special shout out to to for having this amazebalz corner desk, may I also add at a fantastic price, which will hopefully help me create the office space I am envisioning. I promise I’ll keep you guys posted on my progress 😉


  • Wall Art: These two beautiful wood signs from Sweetwater & Co. a great store in my hometown, will also be a part of my office space. In my opinion there are few things better than inspirational wall art.


  • Dunks Coffee: As a New England girl Dunkin Donuts will forever hold a special place in my heart. I’ve tried to be more adventurous with my coffee choices, but I always come back to Dunks! Britty’s running on Dunkin these days 🙂

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  • Lilly Skipper Popover: This summer I have been living in (and when I say living in I am not exaggerating) my Lilly Pulitzer Skipper Popover in “Lobstah Roll.” I’m obsessed with the terry-towel material and it’s lightweight feel. This popover is beyond perfect for cool summer nights and a bonus is that I got it from Seaside Allure!


  • BurnCycle Classes: I admit that I am one of those crazy people who actually looks forward to their workout, but this excitement is significantly heightened when I am going to one of Amy Livermore’s BurnCycle Spin Classes. Her high intensity workout along with the best pump up soundtracks i’ve ever heard keep me on my toes and rearing to go the entire 45 minutes. I highly recommend this class and promise you won’t be disappointed after it…it is one heck of a cardio workout.


  • Dark Chocolate Almonds: As someone who struggles with disordered eating thoughts it has been difficult for me to figure out, as well as overcome fears, about how to incorporate “treats” into my diet. Dark chocolate almonds are one of the first sweets i’ve been comfortable eating and I am optimistic that from here on I will have the courage to expand my palette.


  • Clava Monogram Handbag: I mean who doesn’t love a gorgeous monogram tote? This beautiful, and easy to clean, plastic bag from Clava is perfect for everyday use and I can’t even begin to tell you all how many compliments I’ve gotten on my tote. I got mine from and would love another one, but haven’t been able to choose yet because there are SO many options!


Practicing Mindfulness in My Everyday Life

Learning to lead a more mindful life has been crucial in my recovery process. I now know that I have to focus on being present, as well as aware, of what’s going on with me in the moment in regard to my thoughts and feelings. It’s not easy, but by being conscious of the triggers, both physical and mental, that contribute to my eating disorder I can thus try to stop them and address them instead of letting them linger.

Here are some mindful exercises I participate in and find extraordinarily helpful:


  • Taking a leisurely walk with my love Brewster. When walking with Brewster I try to avoid stressing the exercise piece and focus purely on the scenery and our time together.



  • Meditation/Taking a short nap. For me just putting myself in a dark room, lying down and taking some deep breathes is very soothing and calming. It helps me to recharge and clear my head.


  • Everyday come up with 3 compliments for yourself. On rough days this can be hard, but there’s very little that’s more important than being kind and loving towards yourself. Once you are happy with yourself everything else will fall into place.




An Office Space

As I slowly adjust to life post college I thought one way to make the transition easier, and more enjoyable, would be to rearrange my bedroom and give it a more personal/”grownup” feel. My first actions in achieving this involved moving my bed, placing a dresser in my closet and getting rid of a TON of clutter (hi my name is Britty and I’m a hoarder…), but after all of that work I still felt unsatisfied. So, after some brainstorming I finally figured out what I was missing: an office space. Since one of my dressers is now in my closet I actually have a perfect place for a desk right by a window. I’m a little embarrassed to admit this, but I’ve never had a desk in my bedroom at home…I always did homework downstairs on the kitchen table and hated the isolation of my bedroom. However, after being at college, having a single and actually utilizing my desk I now know how much I enjoy having a little workspace of my own. So, in an effort to make my childhood bedroom a little more adult friendly I have begun the process of creating an office space. I thought that I’d share with you all some of my inspirations thus far because in all honesty all I have in my room right now is an empty corner near a window just waiting to be loved 🙂 Let the decorating commence!

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As you can see I’ve got some amazing inspiration and can not wait to actually put it to use. I will keep you all posted on my progress and encourage anyone itching for an interior decorating change to go far it! It is so important to make every space you inhibit a place you love to call your own.

Don’t Let A Size Define You


Zero is nothing. Zero is worthless. Zero is defined as “no quantity or number” and it’s synonyms include,”nothing, nothing at all, nil and none.” Yet despite this many women desire to fit into a size 0 and idealize the size as an ultimate achievement. How does this make any sense? Why does our culture encourage women to strive to wear a size that literally has no worth attached to it? The whole concept of equating women to nothing is one I learned a lot about in my college courses yet it still shocks me to see it play out in society today. Many women, based on today’s societal values end up defining their own self worth based off of a warped and antiquated size chart that tells women that the smaller size they wear, the better they should feel about themselves.

I truly believe that women are crippled by the contemporary size guides and those with any sort of history of disordered eating are especially triggered by the charts. I know that personally I struggled greatly with sizes and constantly equated my own worth with whatever size I fit into. The smaller I got the better I felt about myself. So, now that I am in recovery and grappling directly with the effects this societal problem has on me, when I heard that J.Crew, one of my favorite retailers, is now offering a size 000 I couldn’t help, but be dismayed. What are they thinking? Isn’t there more demand for larger sizes than smaller ones? The average size of a woman has increased over the years, not shrunk. I really think they are making a mistake by attempting to appeal to a market that is exponentially smaller than that of the average women. As Mary Elizabeth Williams in her article “Are You Ready for Size 000 Jeans” argues, “Rolling out a triple zero size doesn’t tell consumers, hey, we’re just trying to please the Asian market. It instead immediately makes the triple zero aspirational for the slim-hipped fans of J. Crew’s Ivy League look, and opens the gates for other brands to do the same. It doesn’t just reduce women to a number, it reduces them to nothingness — and then assigns ever shrinking degrees of that nothingness.”

Although I don’t have an answer to this problem I can only encourage you all out there to really think strongly about how the size charts affect you. Once you’ve done that than you must remember that it does not define your beauty, you do. So, whether you are a size 000 or a size 24 it doesn’t matter as long as you can see just how amazing and gorgeous you are, inside and out because at the end of the day why should we care what anyone else thinks? All that truly matters is how you see yourself, I promise 🙂



Better Late Than Never: A Recap of “Better Than Nothing”

afb75f144a02a724780eeb408f76fc92This past Saturday was one of my favorite nights of the summer. For the past few years all of my girlfriends, our parents, and I have gone to the Corinthian Yacht Club to see Better Than Nothing perform. Better Than Nothing is an AMAZING cover band, which is comprised of some very close family friends, such as my BFF Grace’s dad, Billy. We danced and sang the night away to such songs as Everybody Talks by Neon Trees, The Counting Crow’s Rain King, American Girl by Tom Petty, and many more. Honestly nothing makes me happier than just letting loose and having a good time with my closest friends. We placed ourselves front and center of the band and didn’t stop partying until the club got shut down hahaha. It was just such a great night. I felt carefree and relaxed the whole entire time even though the next morning I had no voice and some very sore legs. It was totally worth it though! I am an ultimate groupie and just love those guys. Here are some pics from over the years that show just how much of a blast we have (excuse the poor quality of some, but we were more concerned about our singing and dancing than our photography skills!)






10419524_10204190258456208_3342893447189331228_nCourtesy of Mark Gamble via Facebook