Klara Kelly Brand Clan Maven

Hey all! I’m beyond thrilled to share with you some exciting news. Last week I met with the amazing Melissa Shorewood, CEO and Creative Director of Klara Kelly Designs, a fabulous “Sporty Chic” activewear and accessories company based in Massachusetts, and I’m honored to tell you all that I am the newest Klara Kelly Brand Clan Maven!

1484582_10152514942356453_5448959610737170457_nAs a Maven I am now a proud representative of the Klara Kelly Brand and I’m looking forward to aiding in the growth of this up and coming company. From head scarves, to leggings, to ponchos, and more Klara Kelly is there for women who lead busy and active lives. With Klara Kelly there is no need to compromise fashion for function because our products offer both! I am really looking forward to keeping you all posted on my latest endeavor and PLEASE check out the products here at www.klarakelly.com or contact me for more information!



Why Reshape Yourself, When You Can Reshape The World?

photo 1

 With champagne flowing, luxurious lingerie a plenty, and a plethora of vegan munchies Luxxie Boston, in partnership with Lighter, held it’s first ever “Fit Party” this past Saturday.


*Team Luxxie in action*

Guests were invited to the Luxxie Lab to take in, and most importantly try on, our very first collection. With our garments hot off the press from LA all of our Kickstarter supporters and special guests were finally able to breathe in the true fabulousness of a Luxxie Boston!

photo 1.PNGphoto-24

The line for the dressing room seemed to never end and the excitement of the opportunity to try on every style was palpable. With our leading Luxxie boss lady, Stefanie Mnayarji, on call every guest had the chance to experience a personal fitting with the brains behind this operation and learn why they needed a Luxxie in their closet. By the end of the event we were beyond pleased to see that many of our guests would no longer be “spanxing” themselves, but instead would be draped in silk feeling confident, sexy and comfortable all day long! World domination has officially begun so stay tuned for all that Luxxie Boston has in store because ladies why reshape yourself, when you can reshape the world?




Cheers to you Mr. De La Renta


Yesterday we lost a true fashion icon with the passing of Mr. Oscar De La Renta. His memory, however, will forever live on through all of his fabulous creations and he will never be forgotten. In honor of Mr. De La Renta I’ve compiled some of my favorite looks of his, as well as a few quotes, for you all to enjoy! Happy humpday and I hope that these images inspire you.














Luxxie Boston: Bringing Classy Back.



Good Morning! I am BEYOND excited to announce my latest endeavor. Last week I took on the position of marketing/PR/social media intern at Luxxie Boston. My role will include blogging, managing the social media accounts and promoting this AMAZING, as well as innovative, product.

Luxxie Boston is a luxury lingerie company that Stefanie Mnayarji began in response to “the lack of options for foundation wear for women who wanted a solution that was functional, comfortable and sexy.” The modern women has no time for the disadvantages of discomfort and Luxxie Boston allows women to walk into any room with confidence because she does not have to worry about wardrobe annoyances. From slips, to camis, to maxis Luxxie has all you need for foundation wear. It’s finally time for us to say goodbye to the sausage casing that is shape wear!


After learning about Luxxie Boston, and their goal to create a revolution in women’s lingerie, I knew that this was the right place for me! The message, which Luxxie Boston conveys is one of self and body acceptance. Why should we have to suffer in shapewear? We are fabulous just the way we are so no more restricting ourselves and accepting discomfort. It’s impossible for us to be the best versions of ourselves if we are uncomfortable and worried about the fit and feel of our clothes. Getting dressed in the morning should be an exciting part of our day and Luxxie Boston can help make it that way.


There is so much room for growth in this position and I cannot wait to contribute to the Luxxie Boston movement. We are reinventing the slip for the modern women and allowing her to reach her fullest potential because she feels comfortable, sexy and confident. When you feel this way on the inside than it will undoubtedly shine through you. Are you ready for change? If so you can pre-order your Luxxie Boston here: LuxxieBoston.com

Platinum Cami

Things I’m Loving Thursday <3

  • Arm Candy: Pretty much every girl loves her bling and I am no exception. I must admit that I have a disgusting amount of jewelry (remember ladies and gentleman I am somewhat of a hoarder haha). So, I thought I would share with all of you some of my favorite “army candy” looks.

photo 3

Made With Love recycled rubber bracelets, Shaw Jewelry cuff (courtesy of Mom’s jewelry box), and a Cartier Love Charity bracelet.

photo 4

 Tory’s rings and Van Cleef Alhambra bracelet.

photo 1

Ropes Maine bracelet, Michael Kors watch, and Margaret Elizabeth ring.

photo 3

Tory’s rings, Ropes Maine bracelet, Kate Spade bangle, and Michael Kors watch.

  • “Hello Gorgeous” Light Fixture: Yesterday I ventured to Home Goods searching for a desk chair, but low and behold I couldn’t find a chair that tickled my fancy. However, shockingly, I did not come out of there empty handed haha. I left with this amazebalz light fixture and can’t wait to get it all set up! The office space is coming together 😉

photo 2

  • Gelato Fiasco Pomegranate Chocolate Chunk Sorbetto: Stumbling upon my all time favorite sorbetto from Gelato Fiasco, the delicious gelateria located in my college town, was fate and I have done some serious damage on this pint. I highly recommend it and will definitely be going back for more!

photo 1

  • Sippy Wine Cup: I really think that the reason why I choose this as one of my favorite things goes with out explanation…I mean come on how awesome and easy are these? I desperately want one of the monogrammed cups so I can officially have claims on one!




  • Sissy Time: Very few relationships compare to that of the one you have with your sister. I am lucky to call this babe my twinkie and so thankful that I have her in my life.  Since moving back home we both have been conscious about spending time together because we are on such different work schedules. I love her to the moon and truly appreciate all the effort she has put forth in our relationship. Love ya more 🙂



Pretty in (Hot) Pink



As I’ve mentioned before I have always been a pink girl. My mom, in an effort to ensure that my sister and I have our own identities (and as a tool for other people to tell us apart haha), dressed me in pink and Kate in blue…not gonna lie it was pretty friggen adorable 🙂 Since then pink has just stuck with me. It’s by no means my “signature” color or am I obsessed with the hue, but I love to rock it when I can and feel really amazing when I actually do. Last Saturday night for our Spring Gala I wore this amazebalz  dress from Dreamgirls Boutique and was so happy. I felt confident, self assured, and beautiful…there’s really nothing quite like feeling pretty in pink 😉



Here are a handful of some really great pink looks:









And so ladies why not,

d397effaafb69526d2c9ef0ce224ad90I am today 😉


Let Your Shirt Speak For Ya Every Now and Then :)

 When I first thought about writing this post my mind instantly went back to the middle school days of Abercrombie & Fitch graphic tees…I’ve grown up and I’d like to believe that my style has improved DRASTICALLY since then, but I have to say A&F had something pretty cool going on there. Every now and then who doesn’t want to wear a top that communicates their feelings or represents them in some capacity? I think it’s a really fun and easy way to take charge of your style and show others things that you love. Also, it’s an awesome way to add some wit into your daily life and possibly bring a smile not only to your face, but someone elses’ as well, and who doesn’t want to brighten up some spirits?

Here are a few fun examples, including myself, rocking my fav Spiritual Gangster sweater (I apologize for the selfie…desperate times haha):


(Clearly also a no makeup day…woops!)


c69f49b7943abe32806d616b8367e88a a40fc36dd9b193be28495333d96d1c7f f65fa32e4683f31cf95d1097e6afad83 38e7b82382207234c73419a6f4cd626d 0752372cd1ea8ce1aef10ebbe63ba746 80ecc3fab844eabf70f2db08ad23490b 7e458d1706a6c2ec1c473c9df41e18d7 e0a2f9c54a09fcdd5dd8b7f4b0b466de b76f47b37837bdcf7311022443bec8f2 f22e61ed0a77c1c2782eeb1d657cb4b8 4b467683a3a82150e1e0d6b85acbc81b c41723500425762a713c7b9f4ee46c64 0504a2177539e2a58fe8dcb68a0df488 c6fedb120fa6b155ebad1296d26402ca

What do you want your top to say about you?

Hey Kate Spade, I La-La-La Love Ya :)

Kate Spade is one of my all time favorite designers. Her wit and charm is undeniable and her handbags, wallets, shoes, jewelry, etc. are to die for! I am especially drawn to the quotes she includes on some of her pieces. They are inspirational and bring a smile to my face so I of course have many of them displayed in my dorm room, where I need to constantly be reminded of anything cheerful haha. Here are some examples of awesome quotes and Kate Spade designs. I hope you all enjoy them as much as I do!


c096d6e3c468c01c77a8ccf33d38773f 50cddc652383c12a2b1e072d8501154b 0aa5f784da16108a72c815ce040e870c a980c9093717614dbd165de5ee2c0751 844112_630 PWRU3628_077 WBRU6370_717 1bae755e883a9dfa2c7fc54c87414d74 8ARU0255_615 72d34a01f71ae7cb64943d5bd92c9f5e PWRU3656_694_1 1382105_10200953774426735_1039350943_n 853acf165b675545587bda4fa534422b c1f78747caf9b5e4130340f04de5ffb9 86124fb5d20c5f5b602524ea1e4dd4fa 49a77bdf70cb5b49958a0836a9c1b669

523ee613c38b6106f6f540a82f40c33e img-thing 2e92df679dd454980f81d149f5be75e3 a19f193916f70babc655995bcf31eaf1 27dad2c4a4bf0faa3b0f154a63732cbd bd889e527d4f7750160e3e18dcdc029f


bling bling

For as long as I can remember I have had an obsession with jewelry. In all sincerity this love affair goes back a long, long, long time. When I was in the first grade we had to do a “100 things” project, where we compiled 100 things and counted them out and displayed them in some sort of creative way. While most kids chose to showcase different candies, legos, or their sea-glass collections, I gathered all of my jewelry together and easily hit 100 pieces. As I grew older jewelry became an even more significant part of my life. In middle school I decided to start making my own necklaces and earrings and had a little business going. It was so rewarding and I really hope to pick that hobby up again in the near future. One aspect, in particular, that I adore about jewelry is that it doesn’t matter what size you are, or how icky you are feeling about yourself, a special necklace, ring, etc. can turn your mood upside down.

Here are some pieces that I would DIE to have (I really need to start saving)!:

afeb4e21b16d66bb6068396ac7a45b65Monogram Gold Plate Cuff from Monogram Lane


Margaret Elizabeth 3 Stone Drops – Rainbow Moonstone, Aqua Chalcedony, Blue Druzy


Nora Kogan Sarah Ring


Tortoise Shell Necklace


Chunky cuff and ring




Penny Preville Diamond- Trimmed Turquoise Pendant

These are just a few of my current obsessions…I could keep adding pieces for days 🙂

Ohhh just got this amaze bracelet from Ropes of Maine… I die for it:



be the best version of yourself everyday.


Earlier this morning I stumbled across this tee on pinterest (no surprise there) and I just think that it is perfection!  The message it sends, I believe, is  inspirational as well as extraordinary.  I mean, seriously, how could you not hold your head high and radiate self-confidance when you are wearing a tee that is telling you to always “be your beautiful self” ?  I think that I’ll just have to get one of these lovely shirts for the days when telling myself I’m beautiful just doesn’t cut…there’s nothing wrong with wearing a physical reminder to fight off the negative thoughts you might feel towards yourself. You gotta do what you gotta do!

shirt can be found here: http://www.pbj-shop.com/beautiful-raglan-p-2199.html