Try Thinking of Someone Else Today


I know that I often talk about ways to make yourself happier and that I heavily emphasize self improvement, but today I am going to focus my attention on others and I invite you all to do the same! Even the smallest gesture of kindness can lift up someone’s spirits and leave them feeling better than they were before.



So, lets all perform one simple act of kindness today. This can include smiling at a stranger, holding the door open for someone, complimenting a friend, or whatever act comes to your heart first, just do that.


Happy Happy Monday and I hope that you brighten someone else’s day 🙂

Hey Kate Spade, I La-La-La Love Ya :)

Kate Spade is one of my all time favorite designers. Her wit and charm is undeniable and her handbags, wallets, shoes, jewelry, etc. are to die for! I am especially drawn to the quotes she includes on some of her pieces. They are inspirational and bring a smile to my face so I of course have many of them displayed in my dorm room, where I need to constantly be reminded of anything cheerful haha. Here are some examples of awesome quotes and Kate Spade designs. I hope you all enjoy them as much as I do!


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Could Your Doctor Diagnose an Eating Disorder?


I know that I had initially promised that this post would focus on how I dealt with my eating disorder thoughts while I was on vacation, but I came across an article in Glamour magazine, during my travels, which I felt was WAY more important to share. In the april issue of Glamour magazine, which features Lena Dunham on the cover, I read an amazing, but disturbing, article entitled, “Could You Spot Someone With an Eating Disorder”. The story highlights just how inept most general physicians are when it comes to diagnosing patients with eating disorders. The lack of knowledge surrounding this serious mental health disease within the medical community is devastating and it is simply unacceptable. Through Glamour’s undercover report they concluded that “shockingly, most doctor’s can’t (diagnose an eating disorder) – and their blind spots are keeping women from getting the lifesaving care they need.” It is crucial then for all of us who have faced a hurdle like this one, in our journey to recovery, to talk about this issue and help others to find doctors and resources who can truly help.


Unfortunately I can relate all too closely to the experiences of the women who recounted their own doctors visits in the article. I have never liked doctors and do, to some extent, “blame” my prior treatment by physicians as setting me up, or making me more prone to developing an eating disorder. When I was younger I dreaded going to the doctors and wouldn’t eat that whole day because I knew I had to be weighed and I probably wouldn’t like what the scale had to say. This is a behavior that I still struggle with to this day. I have so much anxiety attached to getting weighed and it’s all because of how harshly my childhood doctor treated me. She never took into consideration others factors that could have attributed to my more “mature” weight (like the fact I went through puberty at a young age) and truly made me feel like an obese pariah. An even more traumatizing experience, which also involved a doctor occurred right when I began deliberately trying to lose weight my sophomore fall in college. I had strained my foot from overusing it and the physician I met with asked me flat out: “Why are you running so much? Is it because you want to lose weight? You know that if you want to really lose weight you need to start altering your diet too?” I was completely mortified because in my mind, clearly to this doctor, I must have looked like I needed to lose weight and from that day on I started restricting. I’m not saying that the physician in this case was wrong in his advice, but what I do believe is that his tone and how he went about addressing this issue was completely unprofessional and in my case traumatizing. Maybe if he had said this to someone else they would have reacted completely differently, but he didn’t, he said it to me and unfortunately for me it opened Pandora’s box and my eating disorder started to spiral out of control.

After I started, slowly, to believe I had an eating disorder I began to meet with MANY doctors and in all honesty most were not helpful and extremely ill informed on what I was dealing with in regard to my eating disorder. I usually left appointments feeling like I was “making up” that  something was wrong with me and that the strong disordered thoughts that were a constant in my head weren’t really an issue. My struggle was not being validated so I continued to tell myself that nothing was the matter when in all actuality I was really very sick. I had dropped a significant amount of weight, I was orthostatic, and my lab work was off, but I wasn’t underweight and so most doctors usually found other explanations for my symptoms. They plain and simple avoided diagnosing me with an eating disorder because they didn’t feel comfortable doing so since it is such a complex and multifaceted disease. Luckily for me though I had Dr. Sherrie Delinsky on my team pretty much from the start and she was able to be my rock and guide me through all the chaos that arose from my appointments with other doctors. She was ALWAYS on my side and wouldn’t give up on me. She knew I had a serious eating disorder and she was determined to get me the help I needed, and deserved, in order to recover. Dr. Delinsky steered me in the right direction and found a general practitioner in my area who had dealt with eating disorders and was knowledgable about this mental health issue. Dr. Elizabeth Maier, MD is great and I would highly recommend her to anyone else struggling with this disease. She knows how to speak to eating disorder patients and has the resources to help. I know, personally, that once I had a team of doctors set up, who are all constantly fighting for me my journey to recovery has become significantly more manageable and I am being held accountable, which is crucial to my experience.


Glamour’s article also touched on some important statistics that  includes the fact that 30 million Americans will suffer from an eating disorder, but only 1 in 10 of them will receive proper treatment and approximately 60% of eating disorder sufferers recover fully with treatment. What this shows is that the caliber of treatment that most eating disordered individuals are receiving from their physicians is shockingly low and inadequate. It is crucial that we do what ever we can to help open the eyes of the medical community to see just how serious eating disorders are and that what they say can negatively or positively impact their patient’s recovery. I’m doing my part by sharing with all of you my experiences as well as the treatment team I have set up, all of whom are amazing doctors and who I would recommend highly, but this is just the start. We need to do a better job about educating everyone about this issue and just by taking a minute to become more educated about the mental health disease, with the highest mortality rate, is a step in the right direction. So check out MEDA -Multi-Service Eating Disorders Association to learn more and remember you are stronger than you believe and you don’t have to do this by yourself.


Spring Break in Sunny San Diego


Well, ladies and gentleman it’s official I had the most AMAZING spring break ever in beautiful sunny San Diego. I touched down in the golden state Wednesday morning and from that point on I was one happy camper. After being stuck in the tundra of Maine for the past few months, where we have arguably experienced one of the worse winters ever, I was in desperate need of some warm sunny weather and San Diego did not disappoint. The climate was actually perfect. Temperatures got up into the high 70s during the day, there was no humidity, and the sun shone bright…I couldn’t have asked for anything better. I have always believed that sunshine cures all, as well as boosts your mood. I mean how can you be sad or lazy when the sun is shining all day and the weather is nothing less than perfect, I just wanted to be outside 24/7.


Spending time with my two of my oldest and closet friends, who are now living in Pacific Beach in San Diego, was long over due and thanks to them I got to experience some of the amazing things that San Diego has to offer. Some of the highlights of my trip include:


 Exploring Sunset Cliffs in Ocean Beach, which was followed by taco Thursday.


Kayaking in La Jolla with Everyday California. Such a blast and so beautiful!


Girls Night Out #1 in Pacific Beach.


St. Paddy’s Parade at Balboa Park.


2nd Girl’s Night Out…this picture says it all 🙂


Walking, shopping, and drinking in La Jolla with this gorgeous girl.


Our final 😦 but AMAZING dinner at George’s at the Cove Ocean Terrace.


Walking along the bay on my last day.

All in all I couldn’t have asked for a more enjoyable and fulfilling vacation. I spent some quality time with two of my best friends, met some new people, and explored many beautiful beaches/cliffs (I can never get enough of an ocean view)! I also, during my time in San Diego, realized just how far I have come in my recovery and see how strong I am now.


I’ll elaborate more on this tomorrow!

“I’m going going, back back, to Cali Cali”


I am heading out EARLY this morning to visit two of my best friends in Cali and I seriously can not wait to soak up the sun and live it up with them. I haven’t been to the golden state in years, and i’ve never been to So-Cal so I am eagerly anticipating this adventure!


It is going to be so amazebalz to be in warm weather. I truly believe that sunshine cures all and I am definitely long overdue for my fix.


Even though I am


through and through, this escape to the west coast is clutch. I am in desperate need for a trip and who knows maybe something magical will happen!


I’ll be off the radar for the next 5 days, hopefully getting a great tan and sharing laughs and good times with my girls, so I apologize ahead of time for my absence. Hope you all have a lovely week and I’ll be back soon with an update on my trip 🙂



So What?

I have a midterm tomorrow and I haven’t studied as much as I intended to… so what?


I haven’t gone out in three weekends…so what?


Someone doesn’t like me (even though that’s very unlikely haha)…so what?


I have no solid plans for after I graduate…so what?


I’m single…so what?


I tried something new that I am passionate about and I failed…so what?


These two simple words, without a doubt, have helped to keep me sane and have carried me through this year. My best friend introduced me to the concept of “so what,” which she learned from one of our mentor’s at school, the lovely Ms. Whitney Hogan, and ever since than I’ve been obsessed with this phrase. If I find myself even the least bit overwhelmed I try to take a breath and reevaluate the situation by asking myself so what? Will the world end if I do or don’t complete something? No, it won’t and it’s such a relief to come to the realization that I can’t let the little things take up too much of my time and I just have to be myself, no matter what others think.


Life is full of uncertainties and surprises and what we expect to happen might not, but we can’t let that consume us. We must persevere and keep fighting whether it be for recovery, pursuing our dreams, or whatever matters to us the most. It is necessary to look at the big picture and not be overwhelmed by whatever is going on in the moment that is giving us a hard time. So, when you feel over trodden by something just ask yourself, in whatever capacity it might be, so what?


The Last One… Ever!

Spring Break! Spring Break! Spring Break!


This vacation totally snuck up on me, but could not have come at a better time. This week was jammed pack with midterms, papers, and presentations, which totally had the potential to stress me out to a whole new level, but I didn’t allow that to happen. I think a big part of my ease with taking on all this work arises from the fact that it’s my senior spring. I’ve made it this far, I know that I’m intelligent, and I know that I can get everything done. I honestly feel like when it comes to my academic self I have a new confidence and feel secure about that aspect of myself. Probably because I truly did not expect to make it this far in my senior year and now that I have I know that not only can I do it, but I can do it well.


I’ve noticed that in order to get myself through the year I’ve used vacations, as well as my trips home, as markers and I can’t believe that I’ve reached my final one…ever! I have to make the most of this spring break because the next time I will be packing up and coming home will be after I graduate and the real world will be knocking at my door. It is so surreal that I’ve made it this far and even though there were times I didn’t think it would happen it’s going to!


So it’s time for me to enjoy the next two weeks of break because it’s my last one evah hahaha I’ll keep you all updated on my adventures and I hope everyone on vacation has a healthy, happy, and restful break! And for those still in the grind I do wish the same for you as well 🙂

“Desiderata” by Max Ehrmann

I wanted to take a minute to share with all of you a poem that my loving dad sent to my sister and me last week. In his email he wrote how this poem was the basis of a lot of senior quotes when he was in high school and that it has some truly sound advice, which is definitely worth taking to heart. I couldn’t agree more and think it is an awesome poem. Thanks dad ❤