Change is the One True Constant in Life… So, Why Not Embrace and Celebrate It?


For the first time in a very very long time I am embracing change! Shocking, right?! But, over the past year a lot of amazing things have happened in my life, which subsequently forced me to reevaluate my natural hesitance towards change.

Since my last update I’ve landed my first real “big girl job” and I’m now working in the city! While commuting from home isn’t ideal I know it’s only temporary and I’m able to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Only a few more months of saving and I will be able to make the big move! Another change that I am eagerly anticipating 🙂

In the spirit of rolling with the punches and embracing change I’ve decided that it is time to stop making the excuse of “being tired” or “overwhelmed” and refocus my energy on the things outside of work that make me smile, like writing and my blog. I hope to continue to use prettybritty as a platform to raise awareness about eating disorders/disordered eating, but I also want to use the site as an outlet for me to share what makes me happy and what I am passionate about at any given moment. From fashion, to health, to beauty my goal is to share all things positive, beautiful and enchanting.

So, thanks for sticking with me and lets continue to acknowledge that change is truly the only constant in life so why not make the most of it? Whether small or life altering let’s roll with it, adapt and be our best selves 🙂
Happy Monday everyone and always remember: Be Happy. Be Bright. Be You.


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