Wellness Week!!

photo 1


Yesterday I enjoyed participating in a lovely afternoon at Lynnfield High School for their Wellness Week. The week centers on promoting healthy wellness behaviors and habits onto high school students who are often most susceptible to stress and other damaging behaviors because of the overwhelming pressures that are placed onto them at this time. The mom of one of my closest friends is the school nurse at Lynnfield and she invited me to speak about body image/eating disorders with her students. As someone who is currently in recovery and not fully healed I was obviously nervous about taking on this challenge, but I am so glad that I did. It was so rewarding and even though not as many students as I would have liked approached my table if I was able to make a difference in just one person’s day than it reinforces everything I am doing. I just had to remind myself that it’s always about quality over quantity!


photo 3

Here’s the table we set up for the students. I was fortunate to have the opportunity to show my blog, which I truly appreciated and also hope resonated with the students who came over to talk with me.



Nurse Mary and I at our table!

I hope that by speaking up about my own struggles with my eating disorder that I can help others who are hurting to see that they are not alone and they don’t have to suffer in silence. I’ve grown so much since I’ve started treatment and began to open up about all the trials and tribulations I’ve endured with my eating disorder and I truly hope to continue down this positive and bright path and can only hope that others join me in recovery 🙂



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