SurvIvies 2014

Sorry for my lack of posting, but I’ve been crazy busy this week trying to get all my work done before my college’s spring weekend goes into full swing! As most of you may know pretty much every college under the sun participates in some sort of “spring weekend” and it’s that time of the year for Bowdoin. Here we celebrate “Ivies” during the last weekend in April and it’s a pretty sweet time haha. Usually it’s the first weekend of the semester when it’s actually semi-appropriate to be outside and we take full advantage of the above freezing temps and sunshine! In honor of my last Ivies ever I thought I would share with all of you 5 clutch tips for SurvIving this weekend, and for all of you at other schools this advice totally pertains to your spring weekends as well!


1. Go out even if you aren’t drinking.



For us seniors it is especially important to take advantage of every last minute we have left here. So my advice is to go out even if you aren’t drinking. I’ve been around the block and have gone out quite a lot without drinking and in all honesty I usually have a pretty great time. Most people won’t be able to tell whether or not you are indulging in a beverage so don’t let your desire to stay sober deter you from being social. Some of my favorite and most fun people don’t drink and they are always a friggen blast.

2. Hydrate…For reals.



Ladies and gentleman this is probably the most important piece of advice I can give you all: drink LOTS AND LOTS of water. We are going to be outside in the sun and participating in some other activities that are def going to dehydrate us… So, be conscious of this and bring a water bottle with you. This is also a great way to pace yourself during the festivities.

3. Take pictures.



The memories tied to pictures last a lifetime so don’t hesitate to document this weekend. You don’t have to put the pictures on any form of social media, but it’s so important to have them for yourself.


4. Remember that it’s a marathon and not a sprint. 

f103a0e723030ddfbead953fa857f8a3Never rush a good thing. Pace yourself and recognize that the festivities last all weekend long so if you want to go take a nap to recharge in between (or during) any of the events do it. You’ll thank yourself later I bet!


5. Enjoy your company.


Plain and simple just don’t surround yourself with people who bring you down or who you don’t like…they truly aren’t worth your time or energy. For all of us seniors this is one of our last big college events before graduation so don’t waist your time with those who aren’t contributing to your happiness. It’s the quality of your friendships that matter, not the number of friends you have.


Happy Ivies everyone and enjoy the weekend by living in the moment 🙂

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