r.i.p Lilly P


Yesterday the fashion world lost one of it’s most influential and innovative designers.  Lilly Pulitzer, one of my personal fashion icons, sadly passed away at the age of 81.  Lilly patterns and designs are so unique because they have the power to instantly bright up your day and can translate through many generations. Florals, pastels, and summer themes (like the signature palm tree) can be found in mass quantities in any of the Lilly signature stores. Whenever I walk into one of these stores an airiness and light feeling encompasses me and my mood instantly improves. To say that I love me some Lilly is an understatement. My phone cover, my comforter, my coffee thermos, my planner, my swimsuits, and many more things I own are Lilly P. I mean I even rocked a head scarf today to show my respects:

photo-33 photo-35

Even though Ms. Lilly Pulizter is no longer with us her spirit will never die and her legacy will live on through her company and the designs they hopefully continue to put out. I mean if I have little girls one day, in the far off future, I better be able to dress them up in Lilly head to toe. Nothing would make me happier then to wear matching Lilly hahaha I know I’m a total dweeb, but you can’t deny how adorbs this looks:


 Lilly Pulitzer you will be missed, rest in peace.

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