Spring has Sprung…Kinda

It’s hard to believe that today is officially the first day of spring, considering that it is thirty-six degrees outside and that we had a pretty significant snowstorm yesterday, but hey we do live in New England so you have to expect the unexpected when it comes to the weather… Still, I’m just itching to feel the warm sun on my face and to :


and also for the flowers to start blooming:


love. love. love. hydrangeas


a wreath of tulips is a great way to welcome spring

and to wear outfits like these:


head-to-toe mint


coral galore


casual, but still classic, whites


nothing says spring like a colorful, textured-floral, mini


cobalt maxi with simple white-tee…amaze.


gorgeous cut out pink fabric and wooden soled high heels

Unfortunately, I don’t think that I’ll be trading in my parka and ugg boots for these outfits and accessories any time soon, but a girl can dream right? I’ve just got to keep reminding myself, regardless of the cold that it is time to:


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