Librarian/Bookworm Chic


So I’m the first to admit that I’m a lil bit nerdy.  I’ve always loved reading and take my school work VERY seriously. When I was away at college you could always find me holed up in the basement of the library, hard at work, burrowed in between shelves, and shelves, of books (shout out to the E90s).  I don’t know if it was the smell of the books or something else, but I just loved how by simply being present in the library I felt more like an academic. Honestly, I believe that my constant presence, as well as general comfort, in the library, has significantly affected multiple facets of my life.  From my personal style, to the spaces where I feel most “safe/happy” illustrate just how my “bookworm” persona has evolved and transformed me into the young woman I am today.

Here are a few rooms where I would love to cuddle up in:




I’ve also learned that I often lean towards dressing the part of a bookworm. The most important part, however, in terms of my library style is comfort. When you are spending such long periods of time amongst the books you need to feel confidant and self-assured in your clothes, and skin.  Here are a few of my nerdy-chic must haves:


Comfy Sweaters


Distressed Denim




Nerdy Glasses and Striped Tees


Oversized turtlenecks



Here are two of my own bookworm inspired looks (I’m currently really digging the oversized grandma cardi, it’s very conducive to the current freezing temps):


Calypso-Celle Tee

Anthropologie Sweater

Hudson Collin Skinny Jeans

Tory Burch Boots


Jcrew Button Up

Jcrew Cardi Sweater

Hudson Bootcut Jeans


Sans glasses

There’s nothing wrong with being a lil bit of a nerdy bookworm. Even Gwyneth Paltrow is one 😉


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