Let Your Shirt Speak For Ya Every Now and Then :)

 When I first thought about writing this post my mind instantly went back to the middle school days of Abercrombie & Fitch graphic tees…I’ve grown up and I’d like to believe that my style has improved DRASTICALLY since then, but I have to say A&F had something pretty cool going on there. Every now and then who doesn’t want to wear a top that communicates their feelings or represents them in some capacity? I think it’s a really fun and easy way to take charge of your style and show others things that you love. Also, it’s an awesome way to add some wit into your daily life and possibly bring a smile not only to your face, but someone elses’ as well, and who doesn’t want to brighten up some spirits?

Here are a few fun examples, including myself, rocking my fav Spiritual Gangster sweater (I apologize for the selfie…desperate times haha):


(Clearly also a no makeup day…woops!)


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What do you want your top to say about you?

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