A Truly Disgusting Example of Ignorance.


Yesterday I was shocked, and deeply saddened, to come across a recent article that describes ‘the top reasons why guys should date girls with eating disorders.’ The author’s ignorance surrounding the fact that eating disorders are issues of mental health is evident in how he conveys his message throughout his piece. His glorification of women with eating disorders and his placement of them on a high pedestal among other “dateable” women is deplorable. Also, his reference to EDs as “a white girl problem” is grossly inaccurate. Eating disorders don’t discriminate. Women of all ages, races, and social classes are vulnerable to them. Clearly the author has no idea what it is like to be affected by this disease…I would never wish the pain I have gone through on anyone, but if this d-bag could survive one day in my head amongst all my ED thoughts I think he might reevaluate his opinion…

Initially, when I first saw this article, I had a very emotional reaction to its’ content because I realized just how little a certain segment of our population knows about, or are even willing to try to understand, eating disorders as issues of mental health, and not simply as vanity problems. I am talking specifically about men who attempt to embody traits of hegemonic masculinity. The insensitivity of the author throughout his article reinforces so many stigmas that are associated with eating disorders, but also highlights what is wrong with our society’s view of masculinity. Fun fact guys, by objectifying women based on their looks, and by passing judgment on our physical appearances so candidly and cruelly, you are not becoming more of a man…you are just a horrible person. So guys, throw away this hyper-masculinity b.s. and attempt to relate to, and understand, the experiences women suffer through, like eating disorders. Don’t poke fun or mock something you have no idea about…women respect you more if you can recognize on some level what they have gone through in their lives. Take a note from this guy:


So I hope that all of you will join me in signing this PETITION to get the article removed from the internet. Because guys, no one should treat a women in such a disrespectful way, and ladies you deserve better than to have this loser filling the web with his baseless and inaccurate articles.

I mean ladies, as Nicholas Sparks so eloquently puts it we must tell ourselves we deserve the best and:


And this, definitely, will not be the type of guy, who reads, writes, or supports such an offensive article. Every girl is waiting for that one guy to come sweep her off her feet and empower her…make her feel even more beautiful, intelligent, and thoughtful than before, and it should be someone who is also strong enough to stand up against such ignorance. It should be a love and a respect that is:


And finally here’s one last Nicholas Sparks’ quote for you all…I couldn’t resist 🙂


P.S. I didn’t include the link to the article because I found it so offensive and triggering. I also didn’t want to support the author by sending more traffic to his work.

6 thoughts on “A Truly Disgusting Example of Ignorance.

  1. Britty, I am so proud of you. This site isn’t worth your time. They wear their ignorance and hate on their sleeves and will likely never change. They are bigoted fools.

  2. Take pride in the disgust directed at that terrible article. Ignorance is the ugliest outcome of social media, and I will gladly sign anything to remove such archaic, insensitive, and repulsive rhetoric from the public eye. What is empowering is the response, not only from heterosexual women on this matter but from all genders, identifying in all sexualities. That response points out exactly HOW despicable this article is and hopefully will deter anymore of its sort being published.

  3. Britty, I love your blog. You are an inspiration to those around you. You courage and honesty will serve you well in your recovery. A wise person once told me that “now he knew why he went through a tragedy, it was to help others through theirs.” Keep spreading the word!!

    • Ditto on MA’s reply. Especially, “keep spreading the word”! It is so exciting to see you share your heart, mind and soul- because you are so right on. My girls are 16 now, and I will pass this along to them, as despite trying to “protect them” from having negative thoughts about their own bodies, it is virtually impossible in our culture. I’ll never forget one of my daughters coming home from school while in second grade and telling me that one of her friends told her she was “eating too many carbs” at lunch. Second grade. Frightning.

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