So, What’s Next?


I’m sure many, if not all, of my fellow recent college grads out there have had to face, especially within the last few weeks, the ever-looming inquiry of: so you’ve finished college…what are you going to do with your life next? This question is so broad as well as pressure filled. It’s as if we are expected to have the next 10 years all figured out when we’ve only just completed doing the one thing we know how to…be students. Some of you out there have plans whether that’s graduate school, a career path, or traveling the world whereas others, myself included, are kind of in limbo. Personally, I’m really at odds over what the next big step in my life will be… In all honesty all I truly know is that I want to be happy and healthy, two things I have not been prior to this year. So, my goal for this summer is to simply work on maintaing the health and true happiness I was without for so long and hopefully through that discover what I am passionate about. Who knows maybe I can take this little blog to the next level and really make something out of myself 🙂 I just need to remind myself that the opportunities out there are endless and the only person standing in my way is myself. Through hard work and perseverance I (and you) can conquer anything!



What Do You Think of Dove’s Latest Beauty Campaign?

dove beauty patch.jpg

A few weeks ago Dove launched its latest campaign with a goal to highlight and promote the beauty within each and every one of us. I love the efforts that Dove is going to to empower women and emphasize that we are all truly more beautiful than we believe. If it was up to me there would be WAY more of this kind of work going on! In regard to this particular social experiment, created by Dove, they gave a group of women a “Beauty-Patch,” which they claimed would enhance their beauty if they kept it on for two weeks. Most of you probably guessed, but the patch was in fact a placebo. However, just by wearing it and thinking that it was working the women in this experiment reported that their confidence grew and they felt more beautiful. Case in point: when a women feels beautiful her self-esteem grows and she is more comfortable in her own skin. Unfortunately far too many of us struggle with seeing our true beauty and often feel anxious and consumed by our appearance. It is thus detrimental that experiments like this continue, no matter how simplistic they are, because they truly help women see that they are beautiful and it’s most important that they, and not anyone else, believe it.


I found that this article “Dove Patches: Beauty Within” did an excellent job summing up the experiment and its results if anyone wants to read more about the campaign!

Besides the fact that I personally enjoyed this campaign and feel that it has a very powerful message I wanted to bring it to everyone’s attention because there has actually been a lot of backlash about the simplicity of the experiment. Many have criticized Dove for thinking that women are “dumb” if they believe that a patch can make them more beautiful. However, I think that if women can find any sort of measure, whether it be a patch, a hat, or whatever the hell they want that makes them feel more beautiful and therefore enables them to lead a more confident life than why not do it? People need to stop being so critical and recognize the big picture that this is about empowering women and reassuring them that they are beautiful and they just need to believe it for themselves. One way I plan on doing this, and I welcome all of you to try this out if you want, is whenever I notice that I am starting to go to a negative place I’m going to take a deep breath and tell myself:


Both on the inside and outside 😉


Say What You Mean, But Don’t Say it Mean.


I thought that it might be nice to start the week of by sharing with all of you my all time fav words of wisdom. My sister introduced me to the phrase, “say what you mean, but don’t say it mean,”  during a tough time in our relationship and since than we have both referred back to this whenever we feel like the other might need to rework their original remark. When we first began quoting this phrase I was in the thick of my struggle and my sister had no idea how to deal with me. Over time and through much work we’ve gotten immensely better at communicating our feelings and I attribute a significant portion of this success to the conscious efforts we now make to reframe our negative and critical thoughts into more constrictive words that come from purely a place of love. We have gotten so much closer because we are honest, but loving with one another. I don’t know what I’d do without her 🙂


I personally believe that by taking a minute to think before you speak in order to make sure that your words are both honest and kind is the only way to go. I mean who’s mom hasn’t told them that:


By making a solid effort to use your words in the most positive, but still honest manner I think that you will effectively reach the person you care about, especially when they are going through a rough patch. Honesty is clutch when it comes to communicating with those who you love, but unfortunately often when that person is struggling they will only hear the bad. When someone knows that you are coming from a place of kindness though they are often more receptive to your message and your compassionate words will probably resonate more with them.

So, ladies and gentleman to sum it all up: be honest, but not brutal. There is no shame in sharing your feelings, but make sure they are coming from a constructive and loving place. I hope that this helps some of you because I know that it has done wonders for many of my relationships 🙂 Happy Monday ❤

Try Thinking of Someone Else Today


I know that I often talk about ways to make yourself happier and that I heavily emphasize self improvement, but today I am going to focus my attention on others and I invite you all to do the same! Even the smallest gesture of kindness can lift up someone’s spirits and leave them feeling better than they were before.



So, lets all perform one simple act of kindness today. This can include smiling at a stranger, holding the door open for someone, complimenting a friend, or whatever act comes to your heart first, just do that.


Happy Happy Monday and I hope that you brighten someone else’s day 🙂

So What?

I have a midterm tomorrow and I haven’t studied as much as I intended to… so what?


I haven’t gone out in three weekends…so what?


Someone doesn’t like me (even though that’s very unlikely haha)…so what?


I have no solid plans for after I graduate…so what?


I’m single…so what?


I tried something new that I am passionate about and I failed…so what?


These two simple words, without a doubt, have helped to keep me sane and have carried me through this year. My best friend introduced me to the concept of “so what,” which she learned from one of our mentor’s at school, the lovely Ms. Whitney Hogan, and ever since than I’ve been obsessed with this phrase. If I find myself even the least bit overwhelmed I try to take a breath and reevaluate the situation by asking myself so what? Will the world end if I do or don’t complete something? No, it won’t and it’s such a relief to come to the realization that I can’t let the little things take up too much of my time and I just have to be myself, no matter what others think.


Life is full of uncertainties and surprises and what we expect to happen might not, but we can’t let that consume us. We must persevere and keep fighting whether it be for recovery, pursuing our dreams, or whatever matters to us the most. It is necessary to look at the big picture and not be overwhelmed by whatever is going on in the moment that is giving us a hard time. So, when you feel over trodden by something just ask yourself, in whatever capacity it might be, so what?


“Desiderata” by Max Ehrmann

I wanted to take a minute to share with all of you a poem that my loving dad sent to my sister and me last week. In his email he wrote how this poem was the basis of a lot of senior quotes when he was in high school and that it has some truly sound advice, which is definitely worth taking to heart. I couldn’t agree more and think it is an awesome poem. Thanks dad ❤









No Settling… Especially When You’re Lonely.


This week I have decided to dedicate several posts to Valentines Day, which in all honesty is one of my least favorite holidays, but I am trying to look at V-Day in a new light and be more positive 🙂 I mean don’t get me wrong I do LOVE some of the key components associated with V-Day such as hearts, flowers, and dark chocolates, but I just really dislike how the holiday is centered on celebrating relationships and thus, those of us who are not in one can’t help, but feel out of place, or more specifically lonely. Valentines Day can be really hard for all of us singletons out there. I know, personally, I don’t love being single, but I just have to keep reminding myself that I would rather be single, 100 times over, than ever settle. I think this is one of the major problems that occurs when we are uncomfortable with being alone, is that there’s a chance that we will end up settling into a relationship that is less than stellar. Another issue is that we also start to glamorize past relationships because they seem so much more appealing to us than the alternative of being alone. However, we must remind ourselves that these relationships ended for a reason and it’s dumb to hold onto the past, these former relationships are probably not as awesome as we remember them to be… if they were we’d most likely still be with that person. We just need to keep telling ourselves that the right person is out there and when we find them it’ll be magical, as well as, easy. There’s no need to rush it because it’ll happen when we are ready and most likely after we truly have learned to love ourselves. So ladies, and gents, I really do believe that it is okay to be single on Valentines Day because it is SO much better than settling…even if I’m not psyched about spending the holiday alone haha

I gathered some words of inspiration that will hopefully help all my fellow singles out there. I know they make me feel stronger as well as optimistic about the future 🙂





We all deserve to be treated spectacularly and like we are the most amazing woman, or man, in the whole world. Therefore, no one who claims to care about us should treat us any less. Patience is a virtue and that’s just what we must do…be patient and wait for mr./mrs. right.


When it’s real we will not know it. So lets keep our hearts open even if they’ve been broken before…they will mend because there’s someone out there just waiting to love us and be loved back in return ❤


A Worry-Less Wednesday


For all you natural worriers out there, myself included, let’s stop our worrying for today and try to have a “Worry-less Wednesday.” I know this is no simple feat, but why not give it a try? Whenever we find our minds wandering to some sort of worry (whether it be about an impending school assignment, errands that need to be completed, how we feel we look today, etc.) here’s what we do: take a deep breath in, tell ourselves we can handle this, and then think of something, or somewhere, that relaxes us.

For example, if I find myself worrying about what will happen if I eat something challenging I will take a deep breath in, remind myself of my motivations behind this action, and then think of:



The most beautiful place I have ever vacationed: Positano, Italy.

If you are having trouble truly believing that you can overcome your worry try telling yourself this:


We got this! Cheers to a Worry-Less Wednesday ❤

A Few Sweet Little Reminders

For all of you who are having a tough time today (myself included), or week, or month, etc. here are a few inspirational reminders that will hopefully lift up your spirits. I know they are helping me today 🙂


It’s the truth and stop trying to convince yourself otherwise.


Elephants are symbolic of strength, reliability, good luck, and happiness.


Let your beauty shine bright.


Celebrate even the smallest accomplishments.


Happiness is never overrated.


Enough said.


You have a tremendous worth and are a priority. Don’t forget that.

Find the Good in Every Experience


Today try and reflect on a difficult time and look for some good in it…this is hard and might be draining, but is definitely worthwhile. For me thinking about how my ED has affected me is really challenging, but in all honesty I wouldn’t be the person I am today if I hadn’t gone through this struggle. I wish that I never had an ED, but I do and I can’t change the past so I must fight it and recognize that I am a stronger person because I decided to persevere and battle against my disease. Stay strong and beautiful everyone and look for the good ❤