14 Things That I Am Grateful For Today

As I mentally prepare myself for my graduation from Bowdoin College this Saturday I thought that it would be nice, as well as uplifting, to reflect on 14 lessons/things/people/sayings from this year that I am so grateful for and that have truly changed me. I feel like 14 is an appropriate number because I am a part of the Class of 2014 now and I couldn’t be happier 🙂

1. Recovery de8cfa9a509c0cc2480fd1f0b8e08dd5     2. Family 1480676_10202104144061803_882566437_n   3. Friends (new & old) f8444f31571af6188e6911eeac65817e-1   4. This blog 523ee613c38b6106f6f540a82f40c33e   5. My team of mental health professionals photo-19

6. Learning how to recognize what matters most versus something that deserves a “so what” 52dd6260acc2b3381c09910461f3746a   7. Appreciating the little things cd7163c7bc5208c851570a994793e83e     8. Learning to trust myself again cbc28f0257697a2e63e5ddd2bcd21390     9. Sunny days 796b5e54d65b7a8db49b2f9c1607100f 10.Embracing and appreciating imperfection 7438b1a1df9824438e414aa941009d34 11. The ability to inspire others 0cee4324b6210e26ad010b41b73d0967 12. Sleep…everyone functions better if they get their 8 hours! bf505df64c6cd99af68366aff6b30008   13. The warm and loving welcome I received upon returning to college e4d3f7602c0ab0449a2224cb8c06cdc9 14. My amazing education 819db58ebc52fd66ea0fe7fb0164c3f0

Thank you to everyone who has aided me in my recovery and in my return to college. I don’t know what I would do without all of you….I definitely wouldn’t be here today! So, I think that it’s time to cheers to the Class of 2014, one of the best ones yet, and let’s look forward to all the amazing things in our future!

Pretty in (Hot) Pink



As I’ve mentioned before I have always been a pink girl. My mom, in an effort to ensure that my sister and I have our own identities (and as a tool for other people to tell us apart haha), dressed me in pink and Kate in blue…not gonna lie it was pretty friggen adorable 🙂 Since then pink has just stuck with me. It’s by no means my “signature” color or am I obsessed with the hue, but I love to rock it when I can and feel really amazing when I actually do. Last Saturday night for our Spring Gala I wore this amazebalz  dress from Dreamgirls Boutique and was so happy. I felt confident, self assured, and beautiful…there’s really nothing quite like feeling pretty in pink 😉



Here are a handful of some really great pink looks:









And so ladies why not,

d397effaafb69526d2c9ef0ce224ad90I am today 😉


What Do You Think of Dove’s Latest Beauty Campaign?

dove beauty patch.jpg

A few weeks ago Dove launched its latest campaign with a goal to highlight and promote the beauty within each and every one of us. I love the efforts that Dove is going to to empower women and emphasize that we are all truly more beautiful than we believe. If it was up to me there would be WAY more of this kind of work going on! In regard to this particular social experiment, created by Dove, they gave a group of women a “Beauty-Patch,” which they claimed would enhance their beauty if they kept it on for two weeks. Most of you probably guessed, but the patch was in fact a placebo. However, just by wearing it and thinking that it was working the women in this experiment reported that their confidence grew and they felt more beautiful. Case in point: when a women feels beautiful her self-esteem grows and she is more comfortable in her own skin. Unfortunately far too many of us struggle with seeing our true beauty and often feel anxious and consumed by our appearance. It is thus detrimental that experiments like this continue, no matter how simplistic they are, because they truly help women see that they are beautiful and it’s most important that they, and not anyone else, believe it.


I found that this article “Dove Patches: Beauty Within” did an excellent job summing up the experiment and its results if anyone wants to read more about the campaign!

Besides the fact that I personally enjoyed this campaign and feel that it has a very powerful message I wanted to bring it to everyone’s attention because there has actually been a lot of backlash about the simplicity of the experiment. Many have criticized Dove for thinking that women are “dumb” if they believe that a patch can make them more beautiful. However, I think that if women can find any sort of measure, whether it be a patch, a hat, or whatever the hell they want that makes them feel more beautiful and therefore enables them to lead a more confident life than why not do it? People need to stop being so critical and recognize the big picture that this is about empowering women and reassuring them that they are beautiful and they just need to believe it for themselves. One way I plan on doing this, and I welcome all of you to try this out if you want, is whenever I notice that I am starting to go to a negative place I’m going to take a deep breath and tell myself:


Both on the inside and outside 😉


SurvIvies 2014

Sorry for my lack of posting, but I’ve been crazy busy this week trying to get all my work done before my college’s spring weekend goes into full swing! As most of you may know pretty much every college under the sun participates in some sort of “spring weekend” and it’s that time of the year for Bowdoin. Here we celebrate “Ivies” during the last weekend in April and it’s a pretty sweet time haha. Usually it’s the first weekend of the semester when it’s actually semi-appropriate to be outside and we take full advantage of the above freezing temps and sunshine! In honor of my last Ivies ever I thought I would share with all of you 5 clutch tips for SurvIving this weekend, and for all of you at other schools this advice totally pertains to your spring weekends as well!


1. Go out even if you aren’t drinking.



For us seniors it is especially important to take advantage of every last minute we have left here. So my advice is to go out even if you aren’t drinking. I’ve been around the block and have gone out quite a lot without drinking and in all honesty I usually have a pretty great time. Most people won’t be able to tell whether or not you are indulging in a beverage so don’t let your desire to stay sober deter you from being social. Some of my favorite and most fun people don’t drink and they are always a friggen blast.

2. Hydrate…For reals.



Ladies and gentleman this is probably the most important piece of advice I can give you all: drink LOTS AND LOTS of water. We are going to be outside in the sun and participating in some other activities that are def going to dehydrate us… So, be conscious of this and bring a water bottle with you. This is also a great way to pace yourself during the festivities.

3. Take pictures.



The memories tied to pictures last a lifetime so don’t hesitate to document this weekend. You don’t have to put the pictures on any form of social media, but it’s so important to have them for yourself.


4. Remember that it’s a marathon and not a sprint. 

f103a0e723030ddfbead953fa857f8a3Never rush a good thing. Pace yourself and recognize that the festivities last all weekend long so if you want to go take a nap to recharge in between (or during) any of the events do it. You’ll thank yourself later I bet!


5. Enjoy your company.


Plain and simple just don’t surround yourself with people who bring you down or who you don’t like…they truly aren’t worth your time or energy. For all of us seniors this is one of our last big college events before graduation so don’t waist your time with those who aren’t contributing to your happiness. It’s the quality of your friendships that matter, not the number of friends you have.


Happy Ivies everyone and enjoy the weekend by living in the moment 🙂

Oh, Boston, You’re My Home <3


It’s one year later and we are stronger than ever. Take a minute today to reflect and remember the resilience, and pride, our city showed in the wake of terror and tragedy. Boston, you will forever have my heart, love you always xoxo


Special shout out to all of the brave souls running in this year’s marathon in less than a week! You are all my heroes, especially Amy Livermore and Francesca Pelletier, you ladies rock and inspire me SO much.


Image courtesy of Valentine (via Boston Magazine)

Senior Spring Shenanigans :)


It’s official: Senior Spring is in full swing and it has already GREALY surpassed my expectations. Granted, because of my unique situation as a “super” senior, I thought I might have a more difficult time embracing this part of the year, but I’m actually loving it. I am fully taking advantage of the little time I have left here, and most importantly, I feel like I am true member of the Class of 2014. It’s so important for me to make the most of the rest of my college experience because I never expected to make it this far and I wouldn’t have without the love and support of all my friends, new and old, here at school. So today I want to share with all of you some of the awesome Senior Spring shenanigans I participated in this weekend, with my amazing friends, and I promise to keep you all posted on the weeks to come!


Birthday festivities in 15A with these gorgeous ladies, followed by some “galactic” bowling…amaze.


I just had to share this epic wine glass with all of you that I got to test out before our bowling adventure…it’s too cool haha! Don’t worry though I didn’t quite finish it all 😉


On Saturday I went shopping in Portland with my bestie. We are obsessed with Bliss Boutique...we can never leave there empty handed 🙂




Saturday I danced the night away and behaved like a “freshman” (it’s up to you all to interrupt this in whatever way you want haha). Honestly the nights’ where it is socially appropriate to be absolutely ridiculous are limited so why not just have the best time ever this spring?


A surprise breakfast date on Sunday at Jen’s Place with the sissy!


Impromptu trip to Whole Foods for some smoothie treats Sunday night 🙂

I can’t wait for even more adventures and the good times that are to come. So far I’m in la-la-la love with Senior Spring and living every day to the fullest!


Let Your Shirt Speak For Ya Every Now and Then :)

 When I first thought about writing this post my mind instantly went back to the middle school days of Abercrombie & Fitch graphic tees…I’ve grown up and I’d like to believe that my style has improved DRASTICALLY since then, but I have to say A&F had something pretty cool going on there. Every now and then who doesn’t want to wear a top that communicates their feelings or represents them in some capacity? I think it’s a really fun and easy way to take charge of your style and show others things that you love. Also, it’s an awesome way to add some wit into your daily life and possibly bring a smile not only to your face, but someone elses’ as well, and who doesn’t want to brighten up some spirits?

Here are a few fun examples, including myself, rocking my fav Spiritual Gangster sweater (I apologize for the selfie…desperate times haha):


(Clearly also a no makeup day…woops!)


c69f49b7943abe32806d616b8367e88a a40fc36dd9b193be28495333d96d1c7f f65fa32e4683f31cf95d1097e6afad83 38e7b82382207234c73419a6f4cd626d 0752372cd1ea8ce1aef10ebbe63ba746 80ecc3fab844eabf70f2db08ad23490b 7e458d1706a6c2ec1c473c9df41e18d7 e0a2f9c54a09fcdd5dd8b7f4b0b466de b76f47b37837bdcf7311022443bec8f2 f22e61ed0a77c1c2782eeb1d657cb4b8 4b467683a3a82150e1e0d6b85acbc81b c41723500425762a713c7b9f4ee46c64 0504a2177539e2a58fe8dcb68a0df488 c6fedb120fa6b155ebad1296d26402ca

What do you want your top to say about you?

Holla If You’re Ready For Spring


Spring has sprung and although New England is notorious for it’s less than ideal weather during these months (April showers usually proceed far into May) I’m  optimistic that this year will be different. I mean after the brutality of this past winter we deserve a little sunshine, some blooming flowers, and a warm breeze. So let’s keep our fingers crossed and tell ourselves that we deserve a spring because we are survivors of the Winter of 2014 and even though spring often feels like the quickest of all seasons why not enjoy it? It’ll hopefully be a great build up to summer, which promises to be the best time of my year 🙂 hopefully it’s the same for all of you!


Try Thinking of Someone Else Today


I know that I often talk about ways to make yourself happier and that I heavily emphasize self improvement, but today I am going to focus my attention on others and I invite you all to do the same! Even the smallest gesture of kindness can lift up someone’s spirits and leave them feeling better than they were before.



So, lets all perform one simple act of kindness today. This can include smiling at a stranger, holding the door open for someone, complimenting a friend, or whatever act comes to your heart first, just do that.


Happy Happy Monday and I hope that you brighten someone else’s day 🙂

Hey Kate Spade, I La-La-La Love Ya :)

Kate Spade is one of my all time favorite designers. Her wit and charm is undeniable and her handbags, wallets, shoes, jewelry, etc. are to die for! I am especially drawn to the quotes she includes on some of her pieces. They are inspirational and bring a smile to my face so I of course have many of them displayed in my dorm room, where I need to constantly be reminded of anything cheerful haha. Here are some examples of awesome quotes and Kate Spade designs. I hope you all enjoy them as much as I do!


c096d6e3c468c01c77a8ccf33d38773f 50cddc652383c12a2b1e072d8501154b 0aa5f784da16108a72c815ce040e870c a980c9093717614dbd165de5ee2c0751 844112_630 PWRU3628_077 WBRU6370_717 1bae755e883a9dfa2c7fc54c87414d74 8ARU0255_615 72d34a01f71ae7cb64943d5bd92c9f5e PWRU3656_694_1 1382105_10200953774426735_1039350943_n 853acf165b675545587bda4fa534422b c1f78747caf9b5e4130340f04de5ffb9 86124fb5d20c5f5b602524ea1e4dd4fa 49a77bdf70cb5b49958a0836a9c1b669

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