Happy Valentine’s Day


This morning I awoke to these lovely gifts from the best Valentine a girl could ever ask for, my mom. Elephants, undies, and chocolates oh my! These special treats have already brightened up my day and Valentine’s Day is totally looking up. Maybe, just maybe, I won’t have to pretend as hard as I expected to be excited about it…7018772535396b6be888c6346bc23ed8

But, if I must fake it a little, and if the lipgloss fails, I am looking forward to spending V-Day with my other single girlfriends (possible doing something ridiculous)!


Happy Valentine’s Day and fingers crossed to making the most out of it ❤

Songs That Make You Smile :)

In honor of the Grammy Awards, which aired last night, I thought it would be fun to share with you all some of the songs that my best girlfriends from home and I are motivated by or, more specifically, the songs that bring a smile to our faces when we are down. These girls and I have spent SO many hours just driving around aimlessly, listening to music, and enjoying one another’s company, that it only makes sense that over the years we’ve found songs that just make us happy.


Here are a few of the jams, which when I hear, bring me back to the memorable times (especially the summer nights) I spent with these lovely ladies:


For some ah-maz-ing reason, which I don’t know, Ice Cube’s, “Today Was A Good Day” is one of our go to jukebox choices.


“Brandy” by Looking Glass reminds us of home.


We love to dance to BTN’s cover of the Tom Petty classic “American Girl.”


“These are the Days” by 10,000 Maniacs is another of our jukebox staples.

So here are the songs that my girls each chose on their own. You’ll have to ask them why they picked them, but I promise it’ll be worthwhile 😉




“My Way” by Frank Sinatra


“Heart Like Mine” by Miranda Lambert




“Firework” by Katy Perry




“Heart of Gold” – Neil Young


“Crocodile Rock” by Elton John


“You’re the One that I Want” from Grease.



“Rain King” by the Counting Crows


“Wavelength” by Van Morrison




“Love on Top” by Beyonce.


“Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For” by U2


“Yellow” by Coldplay


Yours Truly:


“Baby Don’t Cry”by 2Pac


“Into the Mystic” by Van Morrison


“This Magic Moment” by the Drifters

I know, I know, this is QUITE the eclectic collection of songs, but you know what… to each is own and whatever makes you happy makes you happy. I think it’s pretty awesome how these songs motivate us and that we have such great memories tied to our choices. So, if you are looking for a song to boost your spirits try listening to one of our suggestions or try and come up with your own!

A Merry Maxwell Christmas Over the Past 23 Years!

For the past 23 years the Maxwell family has successfully sent out a Christmas card and all the credit for this feat must go to my lovely parents. Even though the card sometimes came out on the later side. and was thus more of a New Years’ cards than a Christmas card, it always got sent out…all 300 of them…yes I said 300 hahaha. Unfortunately I can not for the life of me find our card from 2006, which probably highlights my true awkward teen years, but I want to treat you all to a Merry Maxwell Christmas and show you how much we’ve all grown and matured over the past 23 years. So here you go:


Christmas 1990: Mom and Dad I know how much you got a laugh out of those goofy bows…good thing Kate and I are adorable!


Christmas 1991: Happy babies ❤


Christmas 1992: Dad’s all time fav picture of his little bumblebees.


Christmas 1993: Frolicking in Vermont.


Christmas 1994: The final solo twinkie card…obviously rocking pataguccis.


Christmas 1995 – First one with Baby Boi who is all of 13 days old here!


Christmas 1996: Playing dress up in Mom and Dad’s room.


Christmas 1997: On the beach in St. Barths.


Christmas 1998: Who doesn’t look good in a striped turtleneck…? Thanks mom.


Christmas 1999: 9 years old and still wearing matching clothes…it’s a twin thing.


Christmas 2000: Pretty sure Kimmy still has this pic in her wallet.


Christmas 2001: Rockin the Zahbu jackets.


Christmas 2002: Skiing in Deer Valley.


Christmas 2003: Again, skiing in DV, Cranny seems to have trouble keeping his mouth closed haha.


Christmas 2004: Croatia on the Lazy Z…oh those were the days!


Christmas 2005: Summer trip to Italy!


Christmas 2007: Such a bummer we can’t see Cranny’s pretty face 😉


Christmas 2008: Kate and I celebrating our acceptances into college!


Christmas 2009: Tuck and Brewies first appearance on the card!


Christmas 2010: The dogs totally stole the show this year.


Christmas 2011: Kate runs a marathon, Crandall plays varsity football, and I am clearly not an athlete haha.

photo%203 photo%202-2

Christmas 2012: One of my personal faves.

photo%202-4Christmas 2013: Cranny heads off to the prom…so handsome.

 Merry Merry Christmas from the Maxwell Family xoxo

All Hail Queen Bey.


Last week the one and only Mrs. Carter surprisingly dropped a new self-entitled album: “Beyonce.” This work of art includes many inspiring and phenomenally well written songs, including my personal favorite, Pretty Hurts. My good friend Jasmine recommended that I listen to this song and it is AH-MA-ZING. The lyrics are so applicable to many of the issues I am currently dealing with, and as a sociology major, the content of the video is fascinating. Beyonce, in this song, is reinforcing, as well as shining light on the fact, that society has unrealistic beauty standards for women and that the only way to come close to “achieving” them is through harmful means to both your mental and physical state. The hook of the song specifically emphasizes how our society’s obsession with perfection is damaging to women’s souls:

Pretty hurts, shine the light on whatever’s worse
Perfection is a disease of a nation, pretty hurts, pretty hurts (pretty hurts)
Pretty hurts (pretty hurts), shine the light on whatever’s worse
Trying to fix something but you can’t fix what you can’t see
It’s the soul that needs the surgery

I am so moved by how Beyonce is standing up against these unrealistic expectations and attempting to create a new definition of beauty. Other female celebrities should definitely take a note from her and her ability to motivate and inspire so many women.



I also can’t help, but be inspired by her marriage to Jay-Z. They are such a successful, motivated, and loving couple, it is almost like they can do no wrong. I truly believe that the world would be a completely different place without them. We should all be happy that they found each other hahaha and we should all aspire to find a love as true as the one between these two…ladies our men should always see us as their Queen:


Jennifer Lawrence, Your Words Mean So Much To Me. You Are An Inspiration.


Last evening the lovely, and inspirational, Jennifer Lawrence was featured on Barbara Walter’s 10 Most Fascinating People of 2013. Leading up to her appearance there was a lot of hype about how she was going to speak out against the media’s focus on, and strong value in, defining a woman’s worth by her physical appearance and how they promote unattainable beauty standards through such means as photoshopping. Lawrence, in preview clips of her interview, emphasized her belief that the media should ban the usage of the words “fat” and “diet,” which I completely agree with and believe would be a monumental move in the right direction in the fight against such mental diseases as eating disorders and body dysmorphia. However, I was EXTREMELY disappointed to find that when I watched the special last night this portion of Jennifer Lawrence’s interview was cut…not cool Barbara…not cool. Young girls have so much to deal with and overcome in our current society… They are constantly being told by the media, and by or societal beauty standards, that they aren’t pretty enough, thin enough, and that they are inadequate. What most of these girls don’t realize, and what Jennifer Lawrence is trying to bring light to, is the fact that these unobtainable images of the “ideal beauty standards” are fake. They aren’t real and no one looks like that…photoshop is a powerful and harmful tool that the media uses, which inevitably promotes unhealthy body images for young girls. So, Jennifer Lawrence is doing what all actresses and those in the limelight should be doing, she is promoting healthy body images and speaking out against the media’s harsh assessments of women’s bodies. We all, as women, need to take on this battle together, and help each other learn our true worth by speaking out against, and educating, one another about how warped the media’s beauty standards have become and how the last thing we should be doing is criticizing a women’s weight…who do we think we are?


This is what we should be “saying” to the media.


J. Lawr you are inspiring me. Thank you for just being you and speaking your mind. You rock girl!

Rest in Peace Madiba

8671cf4e651547174d61d612f35dc67eYesterday the world suffered a great loss when one of the most inspirational and influential men to ever walk this earth passed away. Nelson Mandela’s impact as a leader and activist is undeniable and is felt universally. His poignant messages and strong efforts to unite all individuals will forever persist. We must never forget him because we can only better ourselves by learning from Mandela’s willingness to forgive and reconcile. Madiba will forever be in our hearts and the world will truly miss him, hopefully his legacy will never disappear and we will always remember just how much he did, not just for his own nation of South Africa, but for the whole world.



I need a vacation…after my vacation…woops!


This past week I headed home, back to the ocean, to spend the Thanksgiving holiday with my friends and family. I booked it out of Bowdoin last Tuesday, following my oral presentation, (which went well!) and made it home in record time. I was one happy camper who was in desperate need of some rest and relaxation. As soon as I got home I did what any normal, burnt out, college student should do…I posted up on the couch and passed out for hours… it was amazing! The next day was Thanksgiving Eve, which, in my town, is considered a holiday in and of itself. Everyone goes out to all the local bars, parents and children (of age obviously haha), and we all catch up. In all honesty it is like a high school reunion on steroids and this one was epic. My favorite part of the night was spending some quality time with three of my besties, and my sister of course, we all really got into the spirit of the holiday…


The lovely blondes killin it at the rippahh


Nothing better than some Khoe (aka ‘tute) loving.

Following the craziness of our Thanksgiving Eve shenanigans my sister and I had to get up VERY early on Thanksgiving morning because we were having 50+ people over to our house for breakfast/a pregame before the big Marblehead vs. Swampscott football game. We both were happy to be up and going after the night before. Kate even ran around the house right after she woke up screaming “I didn’t ruin Thanksgiving!” Thanksgiving Eves in the past have been rough…The reason behind the big hoopla at our casa that morning is because it was actually our little brother’s final high school football game so my parents wanted to do something special for the families of his teammates, as well as for our friends, who were going to the game. It was really really nice and I was surprised just how many people showed up! After the breakfast we made it up to the field and froze our butts off for four quarters as we watched Mhead destroy Swampscott 51-13. We were SO proud of all the boys, especially our Cranny!

1480676_10202104144061803_882566437_nCan’t believe it was his last game…He’s so grown up!

Thanksgiving at home was amazing. I forget just how much I love being around my family and friends, however it did feel like it was non-stop…I’m exhausted from my vacation 🙂 I without a doubt was more consistently social over the past four days, at home, than I have been at school… sooo some me-time definitely needs to happen, and that’s okay! It’s all about having a balance between the two extremes so that I can ultimately get the most out of being social or just being alone.


Hey Tay, I really hope that you’re feeling 22.



Shout out to my fellow scorpio (aka fellow craycray pants) Taylor on her 22nd birthday today!!!




Tay you are one my bestest, and most beautiful, friends in the entire world, I hope you live it up today! You are so unbelievably determined and passionate. I know that only amazing things are to come in your future. Sis, I miss you more than words, but I know that you are going to do amazing things in Cali. Remember you are a survivor and a fighter!

599176_4575786949403_1608837737_nI don’t know what I would do without your friendship, I mean babe loyalty is everything right? Thinking of you today scorpio!