Luxxie Boston: Bringing Classy Back.



Good Morning! I am BEYOND excited to announce my latest endeavor. Last week I took on the position of marketing/PR/social media intern at Luxxie Boston. My role will include blogging, managing the social media accounts and promoting this AMAZING, as well as innovative, product.

Luxxie Boston is a luxury lingerie company that Stefanie Mnayarji began in response to “the lack of options for foundation wear for women who wanted a solution that was functional, comfortable and sexy.” The modern women has no time for the disadvantages of discomfort and Luxxie Boston allows women to walk into any room with confidence because she does not have to worry about wardrobe annoyances. From slips, to camis, to maxis Luxxie has all you need for foundation wear. It’s finally time for us to say goodbye to the sausage casing that is shape wear!


After learning about Luxxie Boston, and their goal to create a revolution in women’s lingerie, I knew that this was the right place for me! The message, which Luxxie Boston conveys is one of self and body acceptance. Why should we have to suffer in shapewear? We are fabulous just the way we are so no more restricting ourselves and accepting discomfort. It’s impossible for us to be the best versions of ourselves if we are uncomfortable and worried about the fit and feel of our clothes. Getting dressed in the morning should be an exciting part of our day and Luxxie Boston can help make it that way.


There is so much room for growth in this position and I cannot wait to contribute to the Luxxie Boston movement. We are reinventing the slip for the modern women and allowing her to reach her fullest potential because she feels comfortable, sexy and confident. When you feel this way on the inside than it will undoubtedly shine through you. Are you ready for change? If so you can pre-order your Luxxie Boston here:

Platinum Cami

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