Things I’m Loving Thursday :)

  • Burberry Monogrammed Poncho: I want you. I need you. I’m obsessed, but unfortunately for me Burberry’s (amazebalz) Color Block Check Blanket Poncho retails at $1,395.00, which is just slightly over my post-grad/part-time-employee budget. Yeah, it’s a major bummer, but a girl can dream though right?


  • Isabel Wollf Novels: If you are in the market for a fun, flirty and light read you definitely must check out Isabel Wollf’s novels. Ms.Wollf’s characters are all British, single, thirty somethings looking for love in all the wrong places. Luckily for them though there’s always a happy ending 🙂


  • Paige Denim: This fall Paige Denim jeans are just doing it for me. Their fit is great and they make me feel super confident. I won’t admit how many pairs I’ve bought, but I just love them. From boyfriend to boot cut to straight leg they have it all. I’m obsessed 😉


  • Marblehead Forever: I can’t hide from it, but I am a townie at heart. I love being a third generation Marbleheader and there truly is no better place to grow up and call home. I was especially reminded of this when I spotted this flag on one of the homes in historic old town early the other morning. Marblehead is a special place plain and simple, even though my opinion might be slightly biased 😉


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