An Office Space

As I slowly adjust to life post college I thought one way to make the transition easier, and more enjoyable, would be to rearrange my bedroom and give it a more personal/”grownup” feel. My first actions in achieving this involved moving my bed, placing a dresser in my closet and getting rid of a TON of clutter (hi my name is Britty and I’m a hoarder…), but after all of that work I still felt unsatisfied. So, after some brainstorming I finally figured out what I was missing: an office space. Since one of my dressers is now in my closet I actually have a perfect place for a desk right by a window. I’m a little embarrassed to admit this, but I’ve never had a desk in my bedroom at home…I always did homework downstairs on the kitchen table and hated the isolation of my bedroom. However, after being at college, having a single and actually utilizing my desk I now know how much I enjoy having a little workspace of my own. So, in an effort to make my childhood bedroom a little more adult friendly I have begun the process of creating an office space. I thought that I’d share with you all some of my inspirations thus far because in all honesty all I have in my room right now is an empty corner near a window just waiting to be loved 🙂 Let the decorating commence!

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As you can see I’ve got some amazing inspiration and can not wait to actually put it to use. I will keep you all posted on my progress and encourage anyone itching for an interior decorating change to go far it! It is so important to make every space you inhibit a place you love to call your own.

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