Better Late Than Never: A Recap of “Better Than Nothing”

afb75f144a02a724780eeb408f76fc92This past Saturday was one of my favorite nights of the summer. For the past few years all of my girlfriends, our parents, and I have gone to the Corinthian Yacht Club to see Better Than Nothing perform. Better Than Nothing is an AMAZING cover band, which is comprised of some very close family friends, such as my BFF Grace’s dad, Billy. We danced and sang the night away to such songs as Everybody Talks by Neon Trees, The Counting Crow’s Rain King, American Girl by Tom Petty, and many more. Honestly nothing makes me happier than just letting loose and having a good time with my closest friends. We placed ourselves front and center of the band and didn’t stop partying until the club got shut down hahaha. It was just such a great night. I felt carefree and relaxed the whole entire time even though the next morning I had no voice and some very sore legs. It was totally worth it though! I am an ultimate groupie and just love those guys. Here are some pics from over the years that show just how much of a blast we have (excuse the poor quality of some, but we were more concerned about our singing and dancing than our photography skills!)






10419524_10204190258456208_3342893447189331228_nCourtesy of Mark Gamble via Facebook



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