Friday the 13th AND a Full Moon…Oh My!


Today is definitely one for the books. Not only is it Friday the 13th, but it is also a full moon! Every single part of my being is telling me that I should just stay home and let the day pass, but I know that is not an option. I mean I can’t just stop living my life because of some crazy cosmic forces…right?

For as long as I can remember I have always associated a full moon with a bout of “the crazies” thus it makes sense that I’d be a little uneasy when it coincides with Friday the 13th, which is a notoriously unlucky day. So, the true nerd within me decided to do a little research and actually found that, according to AstroStyle, my personal source for horoscopes, that there are “9 Ways to Soar at the Sagittarius Full Moon.” Who’d a thunk? Check out the link for yourselves and you will see that today’s Sagittarius full moon actually seems like it’s going to be pretty awesome day. According to “When the Moon goes Full in the sign of roam-if-you-want-to Sagittarius on June 12, the desire to expand our horizons becomes an all-consuming obsession. Sagittarius encourages us to aim higher and to pursue only the best and the brightest. There is a contagious optimism to the mutable and fiery energy of Sagittarius.” Therefore we should:

20340030d2633a57b9b5f5b69273e7b1After coming across this I’ve decided to try and fully embrace today and push my anxieties about full moons and Friday the 13th to the side. Hopefully the stars are aligned for me and I take full advantage of this unique forecast 🙂 Happy Friday the 13th everyone!


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