Pretty in (Hot) Pink



As I’ve mentioned before I have always been a pink girl. My mom, in an effort to ensure that my sister and I have our own identities (and as a tool for other people to tell us apart haha), dressed me in pink and Kate in blue…not gonna lie it was pretty friggen adorable 🙂 Since then pink has just stuck with me. It’s by no means my “signature” color or am I obsessed with the hue, but I love to rock it when I can and feel really amazing when I actually do. Last Saturday night for our Spring Gala I wore this amazebalz  dress from Dreamgirls Boutique and was so happy. I felt confident, self assured, and beautiful…there’s really nothing quite like feeling pretty in pink 😉



Here are a handful of some really great pink looks:









And so ladies why not,

d397effaafb69526d2c9ef0ce224ad90I am today 😉


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