Say What You Mean, But Don’t Say it Mean.


I thought that it might be nice to start the week of by sharing with all of you my all time fav words of wisdom. My sister introduced me to the phrase, “say what you mean, but don’t say it mean,”  during a tough time in our relationship and since than we have both referred back to this whenever we feel like the other might need to rework their original remark. When we first began quoting this phrase I was in the thick of my struggle and my sister had no idea how to deal with me. Over time and through much work we’ve gotten immensely better at communicating our feelings and I attribute a significant portion of this success to the conscious efforts we now make to reframe our negative and critical thoughts into more constrictive words that come from purely a place of love. We have gotten so much closer because we are honest, but loving with one another. I don’t know what I’d do without her 🙂


I personally believe that by taking a minute to think before you speak in order to make sure that your words are both honest and kind is the only way to go. I mean who’s mom hasn’t told them that:


By making a solid effort to use your words in the most positive, but still honest manner I think that you will effectively reach the person you care about, especially when they are going through a rough patch. Honesty is clutch when it comes to communicating with those who you love, but unfortunately often when that person is struggling they will only hear the bad. When someone knows that you are coming from a place of kindness though they are often more receptive to your message and your compassionate words will probably resonate more with them.

So, ladies and gentleman to sum it all up: be honest, but not brutal. There is no shame in sharing your feelings, but make sure they are coming from a constructive and loving place. I hope that this helps some of you because I know that it has done wonders for many of my relationships 🙂 Happy Monday ❤

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