Do You Have A Healthy Relationship With Food?


As I have mentioned time and time again eating disorders do not discriminate and can affect any individual regardless of their race, gender, age, class, etc. Unfortunately, because there are so many stigmas and stereotypes tied to disordered eating many people who are suffering do not have access to the help they so desperately need and often deny that anything is wrong. In an attempt to bring some awareness to this issue I want to share two links with you all. The first one is an Eating Behavior Self Assessment created by Dartmouth, and the second is a free and confidential Eating Disorder Screening provided by the National Eating Disorder Association. I encourage anyone who is questioning their relationship with food to take one, or both, of these tests. Remember there is no shame in seeking help and taking care of yourself because in the end it will only make you a stronger and more capable person. Happy Humpday and I hope these links help anyone who is having a tough time!

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