Spring Break in Sunny San Diego


Well, ladies and gentleman it’s official I had the most AMAZING spring break ever in beautiful sunny San Diego. I touched down in the golden state Wednesday morning and from that point on I was one happy camper. After being stuck in the tundra of Maine for the past few months, where we have arguably experienced one of the worse winters ever, I was in desperate need of some warm sunny weather and San Diego did not disappoint. The climate was actually perfect. Temperatures got up into the high 70s during the day, there was no humidity, and the sun shone bright…I couldn’t have asked for anything better. I have always believed that sunshine cures all, as well as boosts your mood. I mean how can you be sad or lazy when the sun is shining all day and the weather is nothing less than perfect, I just wanted to be outside 24/7.


Spending time with my two of my oldest and closet friends, who are now living in Pacific Beach in San Diego, was long over due and thanks to them I got to experience some of the amazing things that San Diego has to offer. Some of the highlights of my trip include:


 Exploring Sunset Cliffs in Ocean Beach, which was followed by taco Thursday.


Kayaking in La Jolla with Everyday California. Such a blast and so beautiful!


Girls Night Out #1 in Pacific Beach.


St. Paddy’s Parade at Balboa Park.


2nd Girl’s Night Out…this picture says it all 🙂


Walking, shopping, and drinking in La Jolla with this gorgeous girl.


Our final 😦 but AMAZING dinner at George’s at the Cove Ocean Terrace.


Walking along the bay on my last day.

All in all I couldn’t have asked for a more enjoyable and fulfilling vacation. I spent some quality time with two of my best friends, met some new people, and explored many beautiful beaches/cliffs (I can never get enough of an ocean view)! I also, during my time in San Diego, realized just how far I have come in my recovery and see how strong I am now.


I’ll elaborate more on this tomorrow!

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