There’s No Place Like Home, There’s No Place Like Home.

I apologize for my recent absence, but I took a little hiatus and ventured home for a long weekend. This trip home could not have come at a better time and left me feeling rejuvenated as well as more centered. I finally feel like my “winter illness” is coming to an end and I am so much more relaxed than I was before. Weekends like this one truly help me to recognize just how lucky I am to have such loving family and friends. While home I got to get my hair done, eat at my favorite restaurants, celebrate Valentine’s Day with some close friends, and take a few of my favorite fitness classes with the lovely Amy Livermore, but the highlight of being back at home was without a doubt the much needed mommy time that I thoroughly enjoyed.


I just love her SO much ❤ She’s honestly the best and most amazing mom anyone could ever ask for. She just makes me so happy 🙂


Before I left I had to make sure to complete the following tasks with each one of my family members. These are just so necessary. I truly believe that you should never say goodbye to someone you truly care about without telling them that you love them.


This impromptu vacation was lovely and now I can’t wait for Spring Break…3 more weeks to go!

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