No Settling… Especially When You’re Lonely.


This week I have decided to dedicate several posts to Valentines Day, which in all honesty is one of my least favorite holidays, but I am trying to look at V-Day in a new light and be more positive 🙂 I mean don’t get me wrong I do LOVE some of the key components associated with V-Day such as hearts, flowers, and dark chocolates, but I just really dislike how the holiday is centered on celebrating relationships and thus, those of us who are not in one can’t help, but feel out of place, or more specifically lonely. Valentines Day can be really hard for all of us singletons out there. I know, personally, I don’t love being single, but I just have to keep reminding myself that I would rather be single, 100 times over, than ever settle. I think this is one of the major problems that occurs when we are uncomfortable with being alone, is that there’s a chance that we will end up settling into a relationship that is less than stellar. Another issue is that we also start to glamorize past relationships because they seem so much more appealing to us than the alternative of being alone. However, we must remind ourselves that these relationships ended for a reason and it’s dumb to hold onto the past, these former relationships are probably not as awesome as we remember them to be… if they were we’d most likely still be with that person. We just need to keep telling ourselves that the right person is out there and when we find them it’ll be magical, as well as, easy. There’s no need to rush it because it’ll happen when we are ready and most likely after we truly have learned to love ourselves. So ladies, and gents, I really do believe that it is okay to be single on Valentines Day because it is SO much better than settling…even if I’m not psyched about spending the holiday alone haha

I gathered some words of inspiration that will hopefully help all my fellow singles out there. I know they make me feel stronger as well as optimistic about the future 🙂





We all deserve to be treated spectacularly and like we are the most amazing woman, or man, in the whole world. Therefore, no one who claims to care about us should treat us any less. Patience is a virtue and that’s just what we must do…be patient and wait for mr./mrs. right.


When it’s real we will not know it. So lets keep our hearts open even if they’ve been broken before…they will mend because there’s someone out there just waiting to love us and be loved back in return ❤


One thought on “No Settling… Especially When You’re Lonely.

  1. Congratulations Brittany,your perseverance and courage are truly inspiring….. I look forward to you sharing your insights with the students at Lynnfield High in April….keep up the good work!

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