Today I Am Celebrating My 100th Post!!!


Today marks my 100th post for prettybrittyshines and WOW what a journey it has been! When I started my blog, almost a year ago, I had no idea whether or not I would even share it with others. I wanted to create an outlet for myself where I could post inspirational images as well as reframe the negative thoughts and feelings that consumed me. I gradually started to share prettybrittyshines with the people I love and care about and with their support, as well as enthusiasm, I have continued to try and find my voice through posting. I never, in a million years, though thought that this little blog I started would reach so many people and have such a positive influence on the lives of others.

When I decided to make prettybrittyshines more public, by putting it up on Facebook, I was in a very rough place emotionally and mentally. I was struggling in my recovery. I felt alone and in some regard unsupported so, in a somewhat selfish effort to regain control over my ED I made myself, as well as my suffering very public. I wanted to come clean about all that I have endured and I wanted people to show that they supported and cared about me, or even maybe, just maybe, that they understood me. I also really wanted to hold myself more accountable in fighting my ED. Little did I know that by opening up about my ED, and all the trials and tribulations I have endured throughout this disease, I would gain such a strong following of amazing individuals who share with me their own inspirations, as well as their hardships. Each one of you have made me stronger and I can’t thank you enough. Posting no longer is just about me and, in all honesty, it is so much more fulfilling knowing that I have an audience and that people actually appreciate what I have to say. I never imagined that I would be in the position to inspire others, but I hope you all know just how much your kind and honest words mean to me and how influential they have been in my recovery.


I now have even bigger goals and dreams for prettybrittyshines and I hope that I can continue to reach new people on a daily basis. Today I choose to celebrate my 100th post because it shows me how far I have come in this journey and also that I have the ability to stick with something I created and really bring it to life. I truly can say, and this is one of the few times that I actually mean it, but I am proud of myself and all the potential behind prettybrittyshines.

So tonight I will cheers to my journey and all the struggles I have overcome, as well as to all of you. There is so much good in the future and I can’t wait for us all to experience it!



This is how I will celebrate tonight haha if anyone feels like joining me in spirit, or in real life, please go for it! Only if you’re of legal drinking age though of course 😉

2 thoughts on “Today I Am Celebrating My 100th Post!!!

  1. Britty, you are so courageous and so strong! Dad and I are sooo proud of how far you have come and the manner in which you deal with these hardships! Sharing, communicating and moving forward!! You go girl!!! We love you to the moon and back!! xoxo

  2. COUNT ME IN FOR THE SPIRIT CELEBRATIONS!! wish it was real life.. but spirit will have to do for now. Love you britty, proud of you!!! xoxox

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