A Worry-Less Wednesday


For all you natural worriers out there, myself included, let’s stop our worrying for today and try to have a “Worry-less Wednesday.” I know this is no simple feat, but why not give it a try? Whenever we find our minds wandering to some sort of worry (whether it be about an impending school assignment, errands that need to be completed, how we feel we look today, etc.) here’s what we do: take a deep breath in, tell ourselves we can handle this, and then think of something, or somewhere, that relaxes us.

For example, if I find myself worrying about what will happen if I eat something challenging I will take a deep breath in, remind myself of my motivations behind this action, and then think of:



The most beautiful place I have ever vacationed: Positano, Italy.

If you are having trouble truly believing that you can overcome your worry try telling yourself this:


We got this! Cheers to a Worry-Less Wednesday ❤

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