No More Nitpicking. It’s Time To See The Whole Picture.


Throughout my journey I have tried many different exercises to strengthen my self-esteem and better my perception of my own body image. I believe this is a very sensitive and difficult effort because we, as women, are socialized from a very young age to be unsatisfied with our bodies. It is embedded within our culture to be highly critical of ourselves. I mean does anyone remember the scene in Mean Girls when the “Plastics” are standing in front of the mirror complaining about the most random parts of their body that they think are flawed, and only Cady, who is unfamiliar with this practice because she has grown up in a completely different culture, doesn’t know how to behave? Our insecurities about our bodies are perpetuated through the media’s display of the unrealistic beauty standards that exist for women. And yet, even though I am aware of this it it honestly has affected me greatly and I have a very difficult time with my own body image.

In an effort to combat these negative thoughts I have started using mirror techniques, which have taken me a long time to get use to, but I now know that they work. I began practicing this many months ago and the whole purpose of this exercise is to stop nitpicking what I see as the “flawed” parts of my body and start seeing myself as a whole person. I now look in the mirror and the first thing I say to myself is “you are beautiful” or “you are great” I am consciously avoiding honing in on what I see as “problem areas” and trying to focus on finally seeing myself as a beautiful, caring, and kind young woman who can not be broken into pieces. It takes a lot of hard work, but this is something I am doing daily and I believe:

eb2a52455243da7dd74045b6544e4aa0Everyday we must say our positive affirmations and just reinforce our awesomeness. It takes practice, but it is totally worth it. As this inspirational woman, Robyn Lawly proves, in her appearance on the Ellen Show, by telling yourself constantly that you love your body you will eventually become satisfied, and fall in love, with yourself.

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