A Merry Maxwell Christmas Over the Past 23 Years!

For the past 23 years the Maxwell family has successfully sent out a Christmas card and all the credit for this feat must go to my lovely parents. Even though the card sometimes came out on the later side. and was thus more of a New Years’ cards than a Christmas card, it always got sent out…all 300 of them…yes I said 300 hahaha. Unfortunately I can not for the life of me find our card from 2006, which probably highlights my true awkward teen years, but I want to treat you all to a Merry Maxwell Christmas and show you how much we’ve all grown and matured over the past 23 years. So here you go:


Christmas 1990: Mom and Dad I know how much you got a laugh out of those goofy bows…good thing Kate and I are adorable!


Christmas 1991: Happy babies ❤


Christmas 1992: Dad’s all time fav picture of his little bumblebees.


Christmas 1993: Frolicking in Vermont.


Christmas 1994: The final solo twinkie card…obviously rocking pataguccis.


Christmas 1995 – First one with Baby Boi who is all of 13 days old here!


Christmas 1996: Playing dress up in Mom and Dad’s room.


Christmas 1997: On the beach in St. Barths.


Christmas 1998: Who doesn’t look good in a striped turtleneck…? Thanks mom.


Christmas 1999: 9 years old and still wearing matching clothes…it’s a twin thing.


Christmas 2000: Pretty sure Kimmy still has this pic in her wallet.


Christmas 2001: Rockin the Zahbu jackets.


Christmas 2002: Skiing in Deer Valley.


Christmas 2003: Again, skiing in DV, Cranny seems to have trouble keeping his mouth closed haha.


Christmas 2004: Croatia on the Lazy Z…oh those were the days!


Christmas 2005: Summer trip to Italy!


Christmas 2007: Such a bummer we can’t see Cranny’s pretty face 😉


Christmas 2008: Kate and I celebrating our acceptances into college!


Christmas 2009: Tuck and Brewies first appearance on the card!


Christmas 2010: The dogs totally stole the show this year.


Christmas 2011: Kate runs a marathon, Crandall plays varsity football, and I am clearly not an athlete haha.

photo%203 photo%202-2

Christmas 2012: One of my personal faves.

photo%202-4Christmas 2013: Cranny heads off to the prom…so handsome.

 Merry Merry Christmas from the Maxwell Family xoxo

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