Oh final exams how much I’ve missed you…not.

As classes wrap up for the fall semester this can only mean one thing…final exams/assignments are looming and all the stresses associated with the copious amounts of work, and the added pressure “to finish out strong,” which is forced upon us hard working students, must be faced head on. Personally, I have three big assessments due at the beginning of next week so I am feeling pretty overwhelmed and like I need to burrow myself in the library and scream from the top of Coles Tower:


I mean even though I’m just about as nerdy as the best of them


I am a little burnt out… I can totally hang when it comes to getting my work done well and it’s even safe to say that I truly enjoy writing many of my papers (I often deem my most successful nights as the ones when I got lots of work done), but regardless of this I still hate finals just as much as everyone else. I really think that finals week, and often the week leading up to them, are too much. The pressures are just ridiculous and if you don’t know how to manage your time than you’re in big trouble. Since these assessments are our last hoorah and final chances to show our professors just how much we have learned their expectations of us are tremendous. Even my true nerd knows that its impossible, and bad for your health, to work constantly throughout finals week. It is crucial for me, during this stressful time period, to strike a balance in my life and practice some methods of self-care. I can’t let the exams, oral presentations, and papers get the best of me…a little Britty time needs to happen everyday…no excuses. Ultimately I am just going to have to keep asking myself :


I mean seriously in a year am I really going to care whether I got an A or a B on my sociology final exam? No. Will I be happier and healthier because I know how to care for myself? Yes.

Happy studying to all and don’t forget to take care of yourself!

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