I need a vacation…after my vacation…woops!


This past week I headed home, back to the ocean, to spend the Thanksgiving holiday with my friends and family. I booked it out of Bowdoin last Tuesday, following my oral presentation, (which went well!) and made it home in record time. I was one happy camper who was in desperate need of some rest and relaxation. As soon as I got home I did what any normal, burnt out, college student should do…I posted up on the couch and passed out for hours… it was amazing! The next day was Thanksgiving Eve, which, in my town, is considered a holiday in and of itself. Everyone goes out to all the local bars, parents and children (of age obviously haha), and we all catch up. In all honesty it is like a high school reunion on steroids and this one was epic. My favorite part of the night was spending some quality time with three of my besties, and my sister of course, we all really got into the spirit of the holiday…


The lovely blondes killin it at the rippahh


Nothing better than some Khoe (aka ‘tute) loving.

Following the craziness of our Thanksgiving Eve shenanigans my sister and I had to get up VERY early on Thanksgiving morning because we were having 50+ people over to our house for breakfast/a pregame before the big Marblehead vs. Swampscott football game. We both were happy to be up and going after the night before. Kate even ran around the house right after she woke up screaming “I didn’t ruin Thanksgiving!” Thanksgiving Eves in the past have been rough…The reason behind the big hoopla at our casa that morning is because it was actually our little brother’s final high school football game so my parents wanted to do something special for the families of his teammates, as well as for our friends, who were going to the game. It was really really nice and I was surprised just how many people showed up! After the breakfast we made it up to the field and froze our butts off for four quarters as we watched Mhead destroy Swampscott 51-13. We were SO proud of all the boys, especially our Cranny!

1480676_10202104144061803_882566437_nCan’t believe it was his last game…He’s so grown up!

Thanksgiving at home was amazing. I forget just how much I love being around my family and friends, however it did feel like it was non-stop…I’m exhausted from my vacation 🙂 I without a doubt was more consistently social over the past four days, at home, than I have been at school… sooo some me-time definitely needs to happen, and that’s okay! It’s all about having a balance between the two extremes so that I can ultimately get the most out of being social or just being alone.


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