Conquering A Fear


Right now I am pretty nervous because tomorrow I have to conquer a big fear of mine…public speaking. My confidence level has grown significantly, in regard to speaking up and expressing my thoughts and opinions, especially in classroom settings, but I still can’t help the fact that I get really anxious when I have to stand in front of a large group of people and give an oral presentation. For most of my childhood, adolescence, and high school years it is safe to say I was painfully shy. I was horribly self-conscious, as well as anxious, so I hardly ever spoke up in my classes unless I was called upon. Although I have come along way and grown immensely since then I can’t help, but feel myself reverting back to that shy girl I was when I think about the impending presentation tomorrow morning. So, in order to combat these negative, and for the most part extremely harsh, feelings I am reminding myself just how far I’ve come. If I can get through all of the crazies of the past few years I can totally give a rocking oral presentation tomorrow. I must tell myself that it’ll be great and I have nothing to worry about…worrying will get me nowhere and is a complete misuse of my thoughts. I will only become a stronger person by going through with this presentation and by giving it my all. As one of my fav ladies once said:


So, even though I know tomorrow is not going to be a walk in the park I am going to hold my head high and try my hardest to be confident throughout my entire presentation. Wish me luck!


Or in my case my sassy skirt 😉

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