A Tried and True Love Affair


Post last nights’ surprising, completely unexpected, and significant snowfall the only thing that I wanted this morning was a massive cup o’joe. Running through the accumulating snow in flats and my “going out” attire really left me with a strong desire to treat myself to something nice this a.m…BRR.

I have always loved the taste of coffee…I mean before I was old enough to drink it I worshipped Starbuck’s cappuccino-chip ice-cream. Arguably, I was raised to appreciate and enjoy the power and soothing effects of coffee. My mom, for instance, constantly drinks coffee throughout the day and I actually grew up watching her drink her last cup right before she went to bed. For her it isn’t about the caffeine, but the warming and comforting feeling that encompasses her right before she goes to sleep, through drinking her coffee. I, too, have a similar relationship with coffee. I don’t over do it with the caffeine like some people I know (cough, cough Katie hahaha), but I allow myself one cup a day that I savor and can truly enjoy. I have learned that life is truly about the little things, and coffee for me, is one that can pull me out of a slump. It just makes me happy…plain and simple.

So, in honor of my love affair with coffee, I decided to share a few of my favorite coffee-related images with you all on this frigid Sunday morning. All of these pictures bring a smile to my face so hopefully they will do the same to you.


Def did the trick on this blisteringly cold Maine morning


Nothing like sharing a cup with someone special who recognizes your true beauty.


Coffee in bed…So cozy.


I can’t reiterate my belief enough that the simple things are everything.


So pretty.


If a guy brought me coffee in the morning…it would be over… and he’d probably have my heart (just maybe hahaha)


Fact. Right Kate?


Coach Taylor drinking coffee..what a man.


Live, Love, Coffee.


It really, truly, does.

Happy Sunday All!

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