How I Plan to Start My Day.

I began my day before the sun rose and in all honesty I am feeling pretty sickly. So I decided to repeat these two statements to myself:



I figured even if I didn’t necessarily believe them to be true at the exact moment I said them to myself, maybe if I said them enough times they would stick…surprisingly I am feeling a little better about myself already 🙂


 I have also decided to follow these steps to ensure that my day brightens up even though I am not feeling my best,



I also am telling myself just how awesome it is that I got up early because, as this coffee cup best puts it,


Have a happy day ❤

One thought on “How I Plan to Start My Day.

  1. Love this blog – and loving the coffee cup message! Hope you’re doing well and having a great day (I …. am heavily caffeinated and having a better day now that I read this!)

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