Make an Epic Wish Today!


Today is November 11th (aka 11/11) so I truly believe that today, when the clock strikes 11:11 (am or pm…you’ve even got two chances haha) your wish has a really strong chance of coming true! Don’t forget to make your wish and I hope it comes true for you!

Here are a few things I might wish for…I can’t tell you, which one I choose though or else it won’t come true 🙂


I wish to truly believe this and focus on today.


I wish to keep changing for the good so I can be healthier and happier.

0a2fc0bb7971e2453c3541c9078de726Who wouldn’t wish that a guy would show up on your doorstep and tell you this…I mean come on.

056aa58671468f5d569d53a02ee1ceaaI wish for snow and skiing.


I could wish for this prada bag…it’s amazebalz or

f3e5944f3cb25aeb2933d0f1bd58458fThis Dolores Petunia necklace…a girl can dream right 😉

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