“67 Things I Wish I Had Known at 18″…or in my case know now at 23…

Yesterday my sister and I received a facebook message from our dad, which contained an article entitled “67 Things I Wish I Had Known at 18.” The fact that my dad had come across this post, which originated from totalfratmove.com literally caused me to laugh out loud, but I guess at the end of the day you can take the guy out of the frat, but you can’t take the frat out of the guy. Stevie will always be a Phi Delta Theta at heart 🙂

photo%203(Just chillin with his fellow DU greek lifers. 2nd from the right in red)

I decided to blog about this list because I found that even though it is vast and extensive each fact succeeds in making its point through strong and concise wording. Most of these statements are actually so simple that all of us, young women, can associate them, in some capacity, with our own personal experiences. I think this is crucial because although most of us young women deal with the same surface issues: ex-boyfriends, academic stress, low self-esteem, uncertainty surrounding our futures, etc., at the end of the day we, as young women, all have our own stories. We are all individuals so it is up to us, solo, to read this list and apply it however we see it to fit best within our OWN lives. Some of these points we might have already conquered and now they ring true, others we are fighting for, and a few we might see as unattainable, whatever the case may be it is important that we recognize that we are not alone and every young women our age has struggled, as well as succeeded, at some point. We need to remind ourselves that this list pertains to all of our journeys in some way. We are all works in progress, I mean come on that’s what our twenties are for right…figuring it all out? So my only critique of this article is the title…there are so many things on this list that I, at 23, am still working towards, so lets not limit it to our teen years and focus more on how it can help now… in our amazing 20s!

Here are a few (or 8 haha) of the points that stood out most to me:

4. Love yourself. Sometimes you’re all you have.


We all must focus on our true awesomeness.

11. Classes can be retaken. Life cannot.


I, personally, would not trade the year I took off from college for anything. I learned so much about myself and grew tremendously.

17. No one is perfect. Stop being so hard on yourself.


Everyone has their shit. We all have to deal, but the most important thing is that we do deal with it, no matter how much we are hurting.

25. Ignorance is not bliss. Study. Work hard.


Be educated. It really is crucial ladies.

40. It’s okay to ask for help.





Those who matter want to help you. Don’t hesitate to reach out to them. They will always be there for you through thick and thin.

48. Confidence is everything.


Enough said.

64. You will fall, both literally and figuratively. Get back up.


Love this.

65. Tequila is a bad idea, as is getting back together with an ex.


Had to include this for you Kate. It just made me smile. Love you.

Here’s the link to the article. Check it out: http://www.totalfratmove.com/67-things-i-wish-i-had-known-at-18-3/

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