Thank goodness I’m charming


I love this quote. I believe that it emphasizes that personality, specifically one’s charm, is a more significant, as well as desired trait, than the unrealistic physical beauty standards our society has created. By putting greater focus on one’s inner beauty, and characteristics such as charm,  individuals  become more well rounded and, for lack of a better word, “beautiful” people. Charm, in particular, is a trait that I recognize with and have found to be a defining attribute in my life. You can get pretty far with a charming personality…if you know how to use it no one can resist you 🙂 At times when I feel like I have never looked worse in my life I have learned to put on a smile and exude some of my natural charm. As a result of this others usually respond well to me and are attracted to my positive attitude. I need to remind myself of this and focus on the fact that my inner beauty is far more important than my physical beauty.

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