Sending Lots of Love to The New Little Prince of Cambridge


Today, July 22, 2013, Prince William and Princess Kate, of Cambridge, welcomed their little bundle of joy, baby boy Cambridge, into the world.  The anticipation and excitement surrounding the royal birth was felt universally, with everyone on their toes for the past few weeks, waiting for Kate to deliver the next heir to the British throne. Personally, I checked CNN every morning, mid-afternoon, and evening, throughout this July, eagerly awaiting the news of the little prince’s arrival. I am DELIGHTED that today he finally made his way into the world and greeted his two loving parents. I honestly have true and sincere faith, in that Prince William and Princess Kate, will raise their son to understand and appreciate the world for what it truly is, and to also, most importantly, have the capacity to love unconditionally. I foresee William taking a page out of his dear departed mother, Diana’s, parenting book in this regard.  So William and Kate I hope (but really trust and know) that you will lead by example, as you have done so well thus far, and teach your little prince that:




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