Busy Busy Bumblebee


I want to apologize for allowing the past few weeks of summer to get the best of me. I have slacked, majorly, in terms of keeping up with my blog. Since I last posted I have gotten readmitted back to school, started a new job, dog sat two of the most ginormous golden retrievers known to man, and also babysat like its going out of style…in all honesty I spread myself way too thin the last few weeks in June. As a result of my decisions, my health and recovery, unfortunately, took a backseat to everything else, and I found myself engaging in behaviors that redirected my energies and attention to outlets much less significant than my health. What I need to do now is take a step back, take a deep breath in and out, clear my mind, and figure out what I really want for myself. I need to reassess my priorities so that I can recover and have the most successful year possible when I go back to school. Whether this means saying no more when people ask me to dog sit, babysit, work more hours, etc. Or if its just by going to a yoga class instead of a night on the town with my friends, I need to be a better judge of what activities and actions are in my best interest. Right now is crunch time and I need to put myself first, stick up for myself, and most importantly learn to truly love and accept myself for who I am. Hopefully I can make significant strides in the next two months and my transition back to school will go smoothly. I have a lot of work to do, but I believe with the help of my loved ones, and my team, I can get there. Everyone please keep your fingers crossed for me. I need all the support I can get.



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