Ms. Alabama – check yourself

Yesterday I was disgusted, and shocked, when I came across an article that shared Ms. Alabama’s (Katherine Webb) diet. Words can not even begin to describe how disappointed, as well as infuriated, I was to learn that Ms. Alabama was so open about her eating habits that are clearly disordered and unbelievably restrictive. For someone who is supposed to be a role model for young, and impressionable, girls to publicly share that they live off of a 1,120 calorie a day diet is seriously upsetting to me. Since I am currently suffering, and in the process of recovering from an eating disorder, I am highly sensitive to eating behaviors that are unhealthy. Hearing what she believes is a “normal” diet is honestly triggering to me, and I’m sure it is to others with EDS.  Eating a 1,12o calorie a day diet promotes the sick belief that being thin is better, and more revered, than being healthy, within in our society. This is not true! I honestly believe, and know, that Ms. Alabama’s diet should not be condoned in any respect. The only positive aspect of all the publicity surrounding her eating habits is that the majority of the media is calling it like it is, an unhealthy and restrictive diet.

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So let’s challenge society’s obsession with thinness, which can only be achieved through unhealthy methods, and focus on the positive and strong role models who know that health and happiness, not thinness, are the most important aspect of life.


Kate Winslet

Marilyn Monroe


Miranda Lambert


Queen Bey


Kate Upton


Jennifer Lawerence

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