she did it!


This past weekend (sorry this post is almost a week late!) was a very special one in the Maxwell household. My twin sister, wombmate, best friend, sissy, other half, my everything, my Kate, graduated from the University of New Hampshire, magna cum laude, with a degree in communications.


We spent the weekend shuffling back and forth between Durham and Marblehead, attending various ceremonies. Some were significantly more interesting and engaging than others… (sorry Kate, but your major reception was a total snooze fest, but fortunately your keynote speaker at the official gradation made up for the misery you put us through the night before)!

Personally though, I thought that the highlight of graduation weekend was actually a barbecue at Kate’s good friend Shayna’s house, which honored Shayna, Kate, and all of their closest friends. Everyone’s families were invited and the party was held outside in Shayna’s beautiful backyard in the Dover countryside.


It was such an amazing afternoon filled with great food, friends, and laughs. For me, the most meaningful part of the day was seeing just how close Kate and her college friends have become. The bond that these girls have established is so genuine and I can only see it strengthening with time.  They truly love, and care, about one another. I believe that no matter what paths they choose to go down, and whatever obstacles are thrown in their way, they will always have each other for support and comfort. In good times and bad times they will be there for one another and nothing could make me happier. To know that Kate has such amazing girls watching out for her, who are at all times only a phone call away, warms my heart. It means the world to me to know that she will always have these astounding ladies in her life.

photo-48 photo-45

So cheers to the ladies of Wildcat and know that I love you all and wish you all well in your upcoming ventures. Remember ladies the best is yet to come 🙂


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