embrace the little things


No lies, but last week was a tough one… It comes as no surprise to those closest to me that I struggled significantly. I was anxious, sad, overwhelmed, grumpy, and on edge…There’s no denying that I was not the most enjoyable person to be around 🙂 , but regardless of my suffering and many emotions, I made it through the week, and most importantly, I can now reflect on the positive aspects of my week.

Some of the highlights include:


seeing my handsome baby brother head off to his junior prom


celebrating my beautiful mom on mother’s day


watching the bruins, with my boyfriend, come back (from losing 4-1 in the 3rd period) against the maple leafs to win the series 


catching up on a walk with one of my best, and truest, friends

So what I have taken away from last week is that I need to look for the good in my days and accept that not every minute is going to be easy. The good will outweigh the bad and I will remember the highlights of my week, for a long time to come, and hopefully I will forget about the negative aspects sooner than later 😉 


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