Sun! Sun! Sun!


Sorry for my absence, but the spring sunshine has been calling my name!  I’ve definitely taken advantage of the few days when the temp has crept up past 60 degrees by posting up in my yard and working on my tan. My backyard is amazing for sunbathing and it hasn’t disappointed yet this spring! I’m feeling healthier, and even a little prettier, with the natural glow that I have acquired through all my hard work hahaha 😉 Someone even told me it looked like I had gone to Florida…WIN! My response to that was something along the lines of this:


Thank you Kimmy for my fast tanning complexion! love ya

Expect a sissy post ASAP since the weather forecast over the next few days is predicting rain… womp, womp, womp… I guess the spring showers will force me to be more productive, even though I would much rather be in the sun (who wouldn’t)! I mean in all honesty there’s nothing better than laying out at the pool, beach, or on the boats with the besties. Can’t wait for their arrival home from college for the summer!


These bathing beauties don’t have anything on us 😉

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